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Act Urgently Now, David Attenborough Declares, Because 'Collapse of Our Civilizations and Extinction of Much of the Natural World on the Horizon'


HI Wereflea: I read something recently on the BBC about people coating buildings with algae. It sounds weird , but supposedly, growing the algae on the outsides of buildings helps with controlling heat and the algae are self replicating. There was also an article about houses being able to move to either catch the sun or to avoid it to help with heat and cooling The houses would be moving either up down or around on a base to be able to do this. It does seem though that nuclear is turning on us all. Did you ever read ICE NINE by Vonnegut? That was a scary read re: water.


I read it decades ago. What we are doing to our biosphere is scary enough. If you are young I wish you well with apologies from my generation. Life increasingly becomes science fiction! I sometimes feel like I am in a Twilight Zone episode where the people see terrible hardships and destruction approaching but mysteriously they do nothing to avoid it happening.

Good luck kiddies!


I had to come back later and see the video… oh how strange. 5,000 stores with rarely a customer----but the retail workers use cell phones and video time, and daycare time to pass the day. All are selling—but it looks like no one, well there was one was buying. I enjoyed the very alive lady at one store yelling at a man in another----until he said, “my business is dirt.”… oh that could be so many in America too. Maybe the Business Train has run out of tracks------everywhere in the world. : (