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Acting on Referral from Mueller, FBI Raids Office of Trump's Personal Lawyer, Michael Cohen


Acting on Referral from Mueller, FBI Raids Office of Trump's Personal Lawyer, Michael Cohen

Julia Conley, staff writer

Federal agents on Monday afternoon raided the offices of President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen—raising suspicions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has uncovered information about Cohen's legal dealings on behalf of the president, including a payment to an adult film actress.


Great development, looks like Trump’s in trouble. Let’s hope now with Bolton in there WW3 doesn’t start before Trump goes down. But even if Pence took over, WW3 might be more imminent, sadly :frowning:


Lets see what distractions are played. It ought to get very interesting very soon with things getting closer and closer and oh so close :-)))


I’d be more interested in seeing this coming squirming if it didn’t involve setting countries on fire and killing innocent people…


Don’t get me wrong: I loathe Trump. But it’s clear to me that Mueller is on a roving fishing expedition to get Trump out of the way of neocon/neolib/Deep-State plans – Hillary’s plans – to wage hegemonic imperial warfare on whatever country stands in its way.

Trump’s candidacy offered three slim reeds of hope compared to Hillary’s: (1) a willingness to improve relations with Russia; (2) condemnation of military adventurism as seen in Iraq; and (3) a potential curbing of race-to-the-bottom “free” trade. His credibility and commitment to any given principle were always extremely dubious, but Hillary was a confirmed Putin-hating Russophobe, a died-in-the-wool military imperialist with a vicious unwarranted military conquest under her belt (Libya), and a committed believer in untrammeled, corporate-slanted free trade. And since Trump was elected, every move the “Resistance” has taken against him has been calculated to weaken his resistance to open hostility with Russia and to re-engagement in Syria.

Again, don’t get me wrong: Trump is a vile toad. I didn’t vote for him (or for the Queen of Chaos either, for that matter). But Mueller’s investigation is not intended to find truth and set the country on the right course. It’s intended to weaken Trump so that the Deep State’s plans of devastation and conquest might proceed unopposed. Payments to Stormy Daniels? Give me a break. We’re into Monicagate territory here, and look at the genuine Clinton Administration horrors – the prison-industrial complex, the deregulation of Wall Street, the deregulation of media, the bombing of Serbia, the child-killing sanctions on Iraq, and more – that that distracted the public from.


Cohen is so going to regret ever having anything to do with Donald Trump. No lawyer is clean enough to stand up to this kind of scrutiny and once they start looking into money it’s going to be bad news.


True. I agree with 1-3 that you listed. I kept those in mind as I gulped when he won. Good points.


You think Trump is pushing WWIII? He may be but he’s acted as a buffer to slow it. We’d have been in it a year and a half ago if the Dems had got in. HRC was the war party running for prez. I don’t see Dems or Reps doing anything but jumping for war with Russia. I don’t trust Trump but he still appears to be the only one not diving into it. I think they’re forcing his hand to do it or removing him. Pence is a corporate minion - and will absolutely attack Russia.


Excellent post PCM.


It is obviously a fishing expedition brought on by Mueller. It has nothing to do about right or wrong or about establishing any kind of truth or justice. It is simply part of the war between Trump and the Deep State over who is going to rule the roost. Nothing more.

That being said, I bet it sure put a scare into the Orange one. That alone makes it worth it in entertainment value.


One would expect that there will be clear evidence that he sought the NDA for Trump. If Trump and Cohen really tried to protect Trump there may not be any evidence that Trump was involved. Cohen was involved in lots of legal deals for Trump - who knows what they will find. He may have been involved in all Trump’s foreign deals. If so this will be the Mother load. When you collude you use your attorney. Could be lot’s of stuff.


It is not really a fishing exercise if he want NDA details.


Once they go after the money trails Trump is in the head lights and is going down.


drinnanc I hate moments like this when I feel like I am being forced in some way to defend Trump. I hate the bastard but that doesn’t change reality. Don’t you think Stormy Daniels is a pretty long way from Collusion with Russia, which is what the Special Investigation was supposed to be about? That to me says fishing for dirt.


Trump is a horrible president, an even worse person, and I hope he loses the next election. Tell me though, right now Israel is slaughtering people in Gaza. We are doing nothing, most politicians can’t be bothered to even give a damn. Think that Israel interfering in our domestic politics has anything to do with that? Why is there no Mueller like investigation into Israel’s interference, or Saudi Arabia’s, or China’s? Lots has come out about that recently. It’s not excusing any possible corruption that Trump has done in regards to Russia, I’m seeking an answer for good damn reason, and the truth is that there isn’t a logical one. Trump likely has done something like money laundering, tax evasion, probably has strong ties to Russian interests. The same is true of many other countries, with some far more so, and yet nothing is done. If someone wants to pretend this isn’t largely political, fine, but it is pretend, and it’s the more illogical way to fight back against a horrible and historically unpopular president. It does, however, allow some in power to fight against Trump while not changing a damn thing about the system or pushing for policies that undermine their donors. Again, not providing cover for the orange monster, his corruption or saying there isn’t something that could get him in trouble. I am saying that if we did this to all foreign interference in our domestic political system, and if we did something similar in regards to far more powerful private interests domestically (Wall Street, war profiteers, health insurance companies, pharma companies, big oil, etc.), there’d be no one left, and there’s a reason that isn’t done.


I think your deep state paranoia is over blown but I don’t care how someone goes about getting the vile toad gone as long as he is gone. I wouldn’t care if they set him up with the second pee episode he is craving as long as he’s out of here.


Muller has authority from the Justice Department to expand the investigation beyond Russiagate so you are wrong about that particular claim. We


So for you the end justifies the means. I hold to a higher standard.


Yeah, like fishing in a barrel of eels. Everytime you drop in the hook something slimy comes to the surface. Only a true narcissistic moron like couldn’t see this coming.


No, it’s all about what is legal and what is not. The expanded investigation was authorized. There is no end justifying any means here. Higher standard? Nonsense.