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Action Alert: It's Been Over a Year Since MSNBC Has Mentioned US War in Yemen


Action Alert: It's Been Over a Year Since MSNBC Has Mentioned US War in Yemen

Adam Johnson

As FAIR has noted before (1/8/18, 3/20/18), to MSNBC, the carnage and destruction the US and its Gulf Monarchy allies are leveling against the poorest country in the Arab world is simply a non-issue.


Many thanks for this principled stand to Adam Johnson for reminding us the “invisible war” home to us! We must never turn a blind eye or stop demanding change and end to this and other wars of choice to empower militarism, racism and the murders/displacement of millions!

The US/Israeli proxy war in Yemen is a crime against humanity and war crime perpetrated by the “Saudi coalition” with arms and support from the US…we are complicit to war crimes in Yemen

Control of the media has always been a goal of the right and war-machine; to hide the truth of what they do i our names with our tax dollars! Control of the media - The Fourth Estate - to hide truth of the atrocities and real costs of wars and those who profit from them! The trillions in resources squandered on death and oppression, diverted from critical civilian priorities for all, and programs for the least among us, massively de-funded under the odious, corrupt, and depraved trump regime, to the war-machine-MICC!


Thank you for this article------the fundamental problem in this country is the MEDIA. People do not know what is going on. On UTUBE I saw some reporting on drones being dropped on people in Somalia ------are we at war in Somalia-------and as Sen Sanders has said----he has never voted to go to war with Yemen. Listen to Trump -he thinks he can just go to war at his choosing–Congress needs to do what it is suppose to do -------and that means pulling back on executive power big time. ANY REAL CONSERVATIVE WOULD SUPPORT PULLING BACK ON ALL THIS POWER GIVEN TO THE EXECUTIVE.


I don’t know you, but yet I can gently grasp your hand in mine in a show of PEACE.


I half agree. A deeper problem is that a critical mass of the U.S. public don’t make a spiritual/mental/moral effort to critically think, behave and question at what is presented as “reality.”


We all must reach-out for each other in a show of peace WO, especially if we don’t know each other. Thank you!

Your words, “I don’t know you but” are reminiscent of what at least one person has called "one of the most beautiful scenes in cinematic history. "…and I do agree with their assessment. For your enjoyment. PEACE!


It’s been a lot longer than that since they mentioned the words “Climate Change”.
I’m supposed to believe that “MSNBC is Anti-trump” ? The MSM loves trump. He provides 24 hour a day entertainment that gives them their ratings.
I doubt if trump would be “president” if it were not for the 24/7 breaking news stories they ran before the election while completely ignoring Sanders.


Almost 100% true, but have you forgotten that MSNBC’s loudmouth boor Chris Mathews was badmouthing Sanders throughout the Spring of 2016 without ever once mentioning that his wife was running for Congress with the support of Krooked Hilliary’s machine??   Thankfully, Jamie Raskin edged out Matthews’ wife Kathy
in the primary – and eventually won in the general election – but unfortunately Chris “The Great Interrupter” Matthews is still spewing hot air at MSNBC.  MSNBC is to the DNC & DamnocRatic establishment what FOX “news” is to the RNC & RePoopLicken establishment — little more than a propaganda subsidiary, although MSNBC’s sins are more those of omission whereas FOX commits outright lies.

To give MSNBC at least a little credit, it WAS Rachel Maddow who first brought national attention to the prob­lems in Michigan resulting from the Governor’s appointment of corrupt ‘City Managers’ in Benton Harbor and Flint — but I can’t recall seeing ANY followup of either story in several months . . .


Thanks for the video and your sincere sentiments. My interaction with you helps me greatly with my PEACE and BALANCE. Let us stay true to to cause.


I bet most people think we are at a time of peace. Military and military spending is our #1 market for bringing democracy to the whole planet??



#TheResistance to revealing a wretched reality


And why should we be surprised? Will someone please remind me what the “MS” in MSNBC stands for? If you don’t know, look it up. If it never even occurred to you, maybe Goddess can help you.


But the media have completely abdicated their responsibility in reporting what the US military is doing around the world. When four US soldiers were killed in Africa Congress people were unclear about what the US military was doing in Africa. We are in the longest war of our history in Afghanistan yet it gets almost no coverage. Democracy Now does a 1000 times better coverage than all these other news outlets put together-----and yet look at the limited funding DN has to deal with.


I watch Maddow and Democracy Now daily. Several years ago they talked about the massive deaths in Yemen from contagious disease, climate change, total war for years with no concern for human life by all those in the “nation”. No one cared then and no one cares now. Trump just gave Putin/Assad Syria. Another example of mass deaths. Syria had climate change but Assad attacked his own suffering people. Your blasting of MSNBC seems a clue you are getting pay check. What did you ever do to help the almost genocide in the Middle East largely by the US.


V, the carnage in Yemen and the faces of those babies are all a decent human being would need to see in order to stop US participation and insist the castrated UN do something powerful to help. My stupid Republithug senator and spineless Dem senator send me infuriating sh** when I raise hell about Yemen. My neighbors and family, except for TWO people, give me blank stares when I mention Yemen.

MSNBC sold their soul a lonnng time ago, and I quit watching it. Rachel, whom I used to admire, now makes me nauseous.

But then sickening sh** is happening all day long, everyday. Aren’t you spent?


Ill, I also partly agree with you, and Tom’s reply is a good segue for my comment. Not only are the media at fault, but so is our entire education system. That’s where critical thinking skills should be being modeled and taught…and guess what…they’re not. Deliberately. Progressives need to get on local school boards AND state boards of education.


Powerful video of a movie I never saw. Thx. As for peace and balance, Fellas, I ain’t found either since Election Day in 2016. But I’m glad you’re part of my [virtual] life…


Ewwww, with great chagrin, I plead guilty. Now that you made me look up what the letters stand for, I’m even more glad I told them to go to Hell.


Thanks Toni, a pleasure as always. I very much appreciate your comments and perspective, and share your feelings of comradeship…thank you! CD has allowed many here to feel such a bond.
Yes, fighting entrenched power to change or preserve is enervating as well as infuriating…especially so when it’s family and/or “friends”. Too often money, self-interest, ignorance, and corruption guide politics, public perception/knowledge, and the opportunist politicians who infest the sphere. I have been a local activist on many different issues, and can say from experience the bastards do wear you down - we must try to keep-on and build our revolution tho!

I’m glad you liked the clip from V for Vendetta…the entire film is very well worth watching in its entirety…it speaks loudly to what we are witnessing in real life…and how we hope things will finally be changed. The performance by Natalie Portman shows her great depth. All the best Toni!


Sorry 'bout that ;-)!