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ACTION ALERT: MSNBC’s ‘Resistance’ to Trump’s Venezuela Coup Ranges from Silence to Support


ACTION ALERT: MSNBC’s ‘Resistance’ to Trump’s Venezuela Coup Ranges from Silence to Support

Adam Johnson

After much behind the scenes angling and plotting, the Trump administration is now waging an overt campaign to overthrow the government of Venezuela—coordinating directly with the Venezuelan military, lobbying other countries to support the opposition government-in-waiting, threatening a


Thanks for the reminder of why I don’t watch MSDNC. I wish I could use this information to deprogram some people I know, but they will have to find it themselves, as they see me showing them an article as an attack.


I’m looking forward to listening to what Jeremy Scahill has to say about it:



No, really, Lucy’s going to hold the ball there this time.

Is there a record for slowest dawning realization or something that Democrats are trying to break?


This article shows the quality of FAIR’s analysis of the MSM,
and why they deserve your support.
I have supported them for a good long while, and will continue to do so.
(Disclusure: None, zero connection. I just like their work.)


Mock the “Clown”

Rock the “Killer”


You left out their downright nasty attacks on anyone who actually challenges the regime change narrative. https://consortiumnews.com/2019/02/12/tulsi-gabbard-is-driving-the-msm-crazy/


Waiting for MSNBC to be the driver of quality foreign affairs journalism, outside of their one-way lanes on Russia and the MENA ( pro-Israeli ), is a fool’s errand. It just won’t happen, as in, never. Better to drag out someone like Neera Tanden and give The Beto yet another plug, as well.
No one to the left of OhBummer sychphants and Hillary’s Choir gets a word in edgewise. Sen. Sanders always gets a cold shoulder, though.
They bent over backwards to get Con. Omar on the rug, too. Trotting out Steny Hoyer ( 36 yrs ) from Maryland, where Cardin leads his AIPAC lackeys, then on to Con. Nadler and Engels, for good measure.
Same old MSNBC, just a different day.


The People of this once great nation had better all be calling their senators and congress and warning them that if Trump starts murdering Venezuelans without both houses of Congress in approval, We the People will shut this poor excuse for a Democracy down.

It should take about 3 million calls to convince them we’re serious.


Better get busy PB, that’s a lot of calls for you to make.
Nice song, haven’t heard this in long while either.
Nice sounding 12-string, hell it was all good.


I made 3 calls this week. How many for you G?


Thank you for that rundown. I quit watching MSNBC when everyone, especially Maddow, was kissing hillary’s…ring. But I’ll write them. I depend on Amy Goodman… are there others who are good?


Jimmy Dore, Secular Talk, The Humanist Report, Rational National, Tim Black, just to name a few.


Pompeous screen grab sez:
“We want the Venezuelan people to have their say.”

Neocon to English translation:
“We want the Venezuelan oligarchy to have its way.”


Thank you! I’ve seen some of those but will check them out more.


Also Status Coup, Graham Elwood, and Kim Iversen are good.


Hey, you can’t blame Rachel Maddow for not covering it. She doesn’t have time. There’s just too much stuff about Russia she has to cover----


RT America and Project Censored are well worth a watch.