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ACTION ALERT: NPR Celebrates Fast-Track Victory With an All-Corporate Lobbyist Segment


ACTION ALERT: NPR Celebrates Fast-Track Victory With an All-Corporate Lobbyist Segment

Jim Naureckas

After the Senate joined the House of Representatives in granting President Barack Obama fast-track authority to negotiate trade agreements, National Public Radio aired one report (Morning Edition, 6/25/15) on the legislative action that paves the way for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partn


For a completely corporately captured mass media what does FAIR have to do with anything?

From the article:

“But that raises the question: If business lobbyists are presenting a distorted picture of the impact of trade deals, why are they the only ones you’re allowing to talk to your listeners about trade deals?”

Anyone recall any pundits raising an anti-war, pro-diplomacy peace process after the false flag came down?

Anyone recall much “conversation” about protecting the nation, no less world, against another Great Depression as is expressly delivered once banking and speculation are allowed to again merge as was the case prior to both The First Great Depression and instituting the Glass-Steagall Act?

Anyone hear much about police brutality becoming institutionalized… as opposed to the usual blaming of poor, Black victims?

How about any narrative other than the one that insists that Putin is the aggressor in Ukraine?

What all of these false storylines have in common is that they are designed by elites to lie to The People and where possible, justify the indefensible. Like crooked card players who win through counting cards or pulling fast ones from up their sleeves, today’s Deceivers-in-chief pretend that they have public support when they use The Public’s Air Waves to LIE, cheat, break the rules of law, and the muscle of their paid goons to enforce what no sane, civilized, life-affirming, or Democratic nation could ever accept.

The only thing missing are the jackboots marching down the streets. Otherwise, in every meaningful way, civilian life is being conditioned, controlled, and corralled. The elites are also tightening the screws and these treaties that bypass actual courts of law and actual citizen input and actual fairness and actual accountability and actual transparency… are being PUSHED onto citizens all over the globe.

The tighter the screws, the greater the resistant force building up. And when mass consciousness shifts in ways that see that the Emperors have no clothes, all the military muscle in the world can’t put THAT genii back into the bottle. THAT is why there’s so much pre-emptive emphasis on message control, shaming/blaming/demonizing whistle blowers, controlling what passes for news, and repeating lies often.


Huffington Post played it big, it ran a headline withTabloid size font heralding its passage. Their excitement was almost palpable as they proclaimed TPA, along with the SCOUS decisions on Obama Care and gay rights, as enormous accomplishments. The week assured, according to the Huffers, Obama a great presidential legacy. Honestly, what can really be expected from NPR?


During the past three months NPR’s coverage of fast track, TPP and TTIP have only addressed the White House press release scope that “trade is good and unions are complaining that US jobs may be affected”. No mention is ever made that only 5 of the 30 TPP chapters address trade while the other 25 expand global corporate power at the expense of the main street economy and the environment.

Seeing how NPR’s Scott Simon beat one of the loudest war drums promoting the Afghanistan invasion I guess that we should not be surprised.


Siouxrose: Exactly on it.


Very Biased coverage by NPR!
Welcome to United States of Fascism!!! Welcome to the Kleptocrocy the press has been co-opted
Democracy is nearly destroyed, all the press does is cheerlead perpetual wars, we have militarized police to crush free speech, & once the treasury is looted again & SSI & medicare & retirement is stolen Mission Accomplished!


Our working people know exactly how to use mass media: Tune in Monday night football. Ignore the news.


Yeah what’s the difference?
Soldiers in real war wearing helmets or overpaid NFL players wearing helmets?
Turn the channel to find your alternate reality!


or, just limit npr listening to saturday evening’s prairie home companion. and for those of us fortunate enough, listening to deidre saravia’s world music on saturday nites is always a treat. other than that, npr is a wasteland.


Why should they bother with the
“news”? The media, including NPR and PBS, is bought and paid for by the same criminals pushing war and economic oppression.


Of all of the MSM I despise NPR the most, as they take public funding with such fanfare and turn around again and again and screw that same public for the benefit of their corporate sponsors that get their “non commercial” free time at the microphones in their studios.

The transformation of NPR into this tool of corporate governance was in full force years ago, but has been honed to perfection by the sellouts with big paychecks.

No I’m not putting the entire focus on these sellouts. But pressure must be put on these media elite that personally benefit from their part in manufacturing consent of their listeners.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Thank you.


It’s no wonder many say NPR stands for National Propaganda Radio.


There has not been enough information about how the TTP deal has to do with the eventual replacement of the Reserve Greenback in the event it has to become part of the basket of currencies. Or maybe I just heard something about TTP being related to the reserve greenback if the dollar collapses. If the dollar does collapse, will this deal help the us come out of the collapse. I am not a troll lol.


NPR has been selling out steadily over the years.

We need a petition to change “NPR” (National Public Radio) to “NCR” (National Corporate Radio).

The airwaves belong to all the people!


I hope this article wised a few people up, but anyone who listened to NPR in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion or has heard them cover climate change or any number of other issues will not be surprised.


I can’t remember exactly how it was stated, but I was startled to hear Garrison Keillor, on this weekend’s Prairie Home Companion program, speak of the president getting fast-track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as “an achievement” or “an accomplishment.” It was lumped in with legitimate achievements like the rulings on the Affordable Care Act and same-sex marriage.


Yes. The “public” in National Public Radio lost its meaning long ago. The same is true for PBS, which was quietly taken over as well. The Koch brothers have their bloody fingers on everything.