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Action Alert: With Planet at Stake, Moderators Must Make Climate a Focus of Debates

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/23/action-alert-planet-stake-moderators-must-make-climate-focus-debates

There is a reason the “League of Women Voters” doesn’t moderate the presidential debates any more. This issue is one of the reasons why, Neither party wants tough, broad questions that will expose their candidate’s failings to the public. The networks fill that gap, because they are willing to concede this point, and agree to almost never put the candidate on their heals with tough questions. Today we only get a glimpse of a candidate’s narrow positions on any given subject, with most questions easily answerable by the candidates, sounding like a TV ad.


Hopefully, the C-SPAN moderator, Steve Scully, is not beholden to any corporate overlord likely to overrule a climate question. As for the other three, don’t count on it. @ReconFire is right the LOWV used to do a very credible job with debates. Last few cycles have been like watching applesauce spooned back into its bowl.

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I give the corporate media debates about a 20% chance to talk about anything substantive in addressing the needs of the American people and I will be surprised if they even mention climate change