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Action (Lack Thereof) on Economic Aid Reflects Longstanding Anti-Government Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/15/action-lack-thereof-economic-aid-reflects-longstanding-anti-government-agenda

The Republican plan seems to be shove the pandemic off to the incoming Democrats and count on the electorate’s reliable amnesia in future elections. It has worked for them in the past. Party ueber alles, People be damned.

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Plan: Print government money. Shovel it to the rich. Let the people starve and die. Maintain DC career path. Job done!


When there is a foreign threat, Americans tend to unite against the common enemy (as do citizens of other countries).

There has been a class war by the oligarchic plutocracy against the bottom 80% since at least Reagan, but the bottom 80% seems unable to recognize it and unite to fight for a fair share of this incredibly rich country’s bounty, and until they do will continue on their blind, feckless and enfeebled march to complete subservience. Here they can toil to continue the enrichment of economic and political masters in return for crumbs from their table. The path so far and its trajectory are not hard to discern. (The game of Monopoly is a clue).

Since Reagan the additional income from increased productivity has [virtually] all gone to the few at the top, as struggle (seen and unseen) is growing all around.


Lack of aid with imposition of poverty by the protection of property parades as “anti-government.” It is not.

Let us not mistake the dismantling of systems of mutual aid as a movement against government. It is a movement against the restrictions against governance put in place by a long-term struggle against the violent enforcement of presumptions of propriety.

This is not just play of words. Look at the active violence perpetrated in the name of property and for the enforcement of poverty: the enforcement of national borders, the large-scale imprisonment of impoverished and mistreated populations, the exclusion of individuals by threat of these things from needed and available resources, the destruction of resources to create poverty (to raise prices), the destruction of nations and populations to create dominance–the carnage goes on and on, largely governmental, and all motivated by concerns of property.

You can forecast the civic strife more accurateley than the economic forecast. Take away a person’s medical coverage, home, paycheck, and how do you expect them to behave? Multiply that by 10’s of millions simultaneously in a pandemic while they care for their kids 24/7 with school closed and caring for their aged parents as they can’t breath. Since they aren’t working and most everything to do is closed, people are going stir crazy. Domestic abuse against women and children, alcohol and drug abuse, theft, robbery, gang warfare, up, up ,up! The political class broke the economy but did not solve pandemic so now we have both and they are no longer in the business of fixing anything but the next election.


What is it about both rich peoples parties colluding to wage a literal war on the very existence of our nation’s people, that we are refusing to recognize?

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