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"Action Now": Green Groups Check World Leaders' Pride as Paris Treaty Hits Threshold


"Action Now": Green Groups Check World Leaders' Pride as Paris Treaty Hits Threshold

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The landmark Paris climate treaty finalized last year has reached the requisite number of signatories and is set to go into effect in 30 days—but environmentalists are not planning to let world leaders simply pat themselves on the back.


Our fearless leaders worldwide find themselves in a trap of their own making.
They put off the inevitable for so long that it looks like the powers pressing against them will be so strong that their very survival is now in doubt.
What is coming their way they've earned in spades.
Silly plutocrats.


Trump tweeted that climate change was " A HOAX " but of course like so many others that deny climate change, like the Koch bros. he has vested interests in the fossil fuel industry including that black snake in North Dakota. What should scare the hell out of you, is this climate denier could actually be the next POTUS! Trump, the Koch bros. and the rest of the fossil fuel big investors and climate deniers, should be labeled what they really are: CLIMATE TERRORISTS! Forget ISIS and the rest of the alphabet so-called terrorists because they may be evil, but they are choir boys compared to climate terrorists that are on a path to devastate this whole planet and kill us all!


As we wait for Hurricane Mathew... Good bye to Mar A Lago?


"The European Union on Wednesday became the latest body to sign onto the agreement, which requires nations to take measures to keep global temperatures from rising 1.5°C..."

That is misleading. The 1.5C goal is an aspiration goal. The stated goal is to stay below 2C. As far as I know the agreement doesn't require countries do to anything but report their emissions every five years. The pledges are voluntary pledges and it is understood that countries should do the best they can. It is widely acknowledged that the pledges need to be greatly strengthened. This should occur at the meeting in 2020. I don't think anyone including world leaders think they are actually doing enough. Based on the history of this effort going back to the early 1990s it seems almost certain that the countries of the world will never do enough to stay under 2C.


Seeing how profitable owning the US Government became, corporations have now purchased many other governments around the globe to make sure Paris never gets any traction anywhere.

TPP, TTIP , CETA and other regulatory capture schemes disguised as trade deals are the corporations' most recent and effective tools for transferring all wealth from the 99% to the 1% and destroying the environment in the process.


With the indigenes and supporters coming together, Black Lives Matter, the coming boycott for racial justice and our climate change activists, peaceniks, let us come together for the one fight for Mother Earth and a peaceable kingdom built on justice.


Obama: "If we follow through on the commitments that this Paris agreement embodies, history may well judge it as a turning point for our planet."

Then why are you pushing with all your might on getting the TPP through Congress during the lame duck session, thereby legalizing lawsuits against any signatory country (including ours) that gets in the way of corporate profits, including those of multinational fossil fuel companies? HYPOCRITE! http://stopthetpp.org/


It is not just our leaders.

Who likes to drive cars? Us.

Who likes airconditioning? Us.

Who commutes to work each day by car? Us.

Who refuses to use public transport?Us

Who refuses to do anything at all to modify our lifestyle voluntarily? Most of us.

And "us" includes all of Asia, 1/3rd of the world's population, all wanting the same sort of trash that we have produced in the last 150 years.

None of us had to buy any of the trash we have. WE were all too happy to be suckered.