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'Actions Speak Louder Than Words': Prominent Group 'End Citizens United' Called Out for Backing Democrats Drowning in Corporate Cash

'Actions Speak Louder Than Words': Prominent Group 'End Citizens United' Called Out for Backing Democrats Drowning in Corporate Cash

Jake Johnson, staff writer

At first glance, the prominent political action committee End Citizens United (ECU) appears to be dedicated to channeling widespread grassroots anger at corporate money in politics into promoting candidates who reject cash from big business and support bold campaign finance reform.

But a closer look at the candidates ECU endorses and funds reveals that the organization frequently uses its vast resources to reinforce the poisonous status quo.


Props to Sludge for reporting, and to folks at Move to Amend and at Brand New Congress for speaking out and exposing this creepy bullshit.


We on the left desperately! need all the help we can get to try to stop fascism–no joke! knocking on our door, then I read this.

I got the idea what ECU was about when they out of nowhere got my email address and were sending me requests for $$$ multiple times a day. That on top of soooo much shit coming from the Rethugs, we who are real progressives must constantly be vigilante against others who claim their lefties. Blue dogs, conservadems, all go to hell, in my book. Constant struggle to fight the corrupt left…


This confirms what I wrote in a comment to Jake’s July3 article “As Trump Readies Pick”. I had already replied to an ECU email, and pointed out what appeared to be far more interest in merely backing the Democratic Party than in actually reversing CU v FEC or in stemming private capital’s control. I then unsubcribed for that reason.

Thanks to Jake for publishing this. When so much of the so-called Resistance seems to be focused only on getting rid of Trump (instead of correcting systemic wrongs), we have to remain vigilant in our scrutiny of would-be partners and allies. That’s too bad, but necessary…


If you’re a resident of North Carolina, please join with us at NCWethePeople.org. We are the real deal. 100% volunteer grassroots organizations working for a constitutional amendment that declares that only natural born humans have constitutionally protected rights and that corporations are NOT persons. And, that money is NOT free speech.


Caught with their PR pants down

And their Slick Willies hanging out.


Thanks for publishing this!!!


It seems that every change needs to be on the grassroots level. Along with working toward

TERM LIMITS needs to be another goal of those actively working for change.


The big orgs are run by those who survive the competition to be chiefs of the good guys instead of corporations pumping entropy exhaust greater than subsidies to phantom profits.

Bds big orgs that gentrify street action. All of them.

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Never gave them a dime, fortunately. Just got to keep separating the wheat from the chaff, constantly.
Public financing of all national elections, with strict candidate campaign donations, would stop this crap.
BTW- Name these three slimeballs and what state they live in. And then, let nature take its course ( to their front yards ), hopefully. That could at least END something. Just sayin’.

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This is a video about the subject. I thought it was interesting.


Sorry link is no longer working, disregard.

Sigh. So here’s the thing for what it’s worth. We either all come together to stop the conservatives full stop and put the bickering how about who the “real” progressive is or we just prepare to lose and accept another 4 of the shit show.


So bake sales aren’t going to cut it and neither are 150,000,000 $20 contributions.
So how about we let not cry to hard about playing with the rules we got until we’re in and can change the rules. And while we’re at it - let’s do away with the Electoral College. And Fox news. And every judge the shit stain appointed.

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Good luck getting money out of politics. We cant even remove a traitor tyrant moron thats tearing this country apart. We have become useless…


The 5th vote is only going to make things worse. Great time to give Trump two more years of unfettered judiciary appointments and really show those sellouts!

To add, why have a House that can pass the net neutrality CRA too? We don’t want that! Here’s Comcast’s latest (though it’s not quite a net neutrality issue):

Sounds like the last 3 Commenters want us to sing from the same hymnals. That, and they’re on the old staff of ECU, and with the new group formed by the ( trollops? ) in the 2015 DCCC. Jackals, really, going by a new group name: The PG&A Assn. ( The Professional Gaslighters & A-holes Assn. ).
They’re raising money and making it seem like they’re buying old golf courses in depressed urban areas. And, turning them into affordable housing for the poor and working classes ( eventually ). In the short term however, the money will go for Steny Hoyer’s hospital bills and Nancy’s percosett slush fund.


Mary, you are so right. In the most progressive years in this country, FDR frequently addressed the masses over the radio and told Americans what we would need to turn this country steeped in depression, around. He was known for saying (in so many words), “Make me do what you want.”

Americans nowadays are “flabby activists”. You know what I mean. We all must get involved with politics. It’s everything. Clean water is what we want, call, write, protest, VOTE! join a progressive group, donate time/ money. That’s power. We forgot we have it and now that all may be taken from us.
Over 102 million eligible voters didn’t vote '16. Flabby. No excuse.

I earlier said a fact I recently read. 2016, 102 million eligible voters didn’t vote.

There was always so much we could do enmass, but for the Obama years, Americans went to sleep. We must all get involved in politics, find out who represents us, what they want and insist they listen to US! with protests, voting every damn chance you get (& not for rethugs-. They want to take that away from us) join a progressive group. Movetoamend.org. how about that?

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I never said I wouldn’t vote Dem up and down ballot. When I say I hate blue dogs, that’s my opinion. And I’m sticking to it.

What is the point of voting for “Democrats” like Miguel Santiago? The guy took a bribe to disrupt the California effort to protect net neutrality. Then there is the asshole that stopped the California effort to enact single payer. With Democrats like this who needs Republicans.