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Activist Ejected From Meeting With Lawmaker After Asking How Much Money He's Getting From Koch Brothers


Activist Ejected From Meeting With Lawmaker After Asking How Much Money He's Getting From Koch Brothers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During an RSVP-only meeting on "tax reform" organized by the Koch brothers-backed group Americans for Prosperity Wednesday morning, activist and author Jonathan Smucker demanded to know how much Pennsylvania Rep. Lloyd Smucker (no relation) has received in campaign contributions from Charles and David Koch.

Jonathan was quickly ejected from the event—but he caught part of it on video.


Land of the free (to do as we’re told and shut up about it). Representative Smucker should be tarred, feathered and ridden out of town on a rail, but given current campaign finance laws, he’ll probably be re-elected.


Glad that the other Smucker got part of this on video. By the way, Kochs are behind ( long with Devos) defunding of public schools. Hearing is coming at the supreme court about a case that concerns public unions. I think the hearing is 2/26!


Good on ya Jonathan.

We can’t address the Kochs, Murdoch and other Satanist spawn of the oligarchy directly so it has to be done through the politicians they bribe.

Direct Democracy


Representative democracy is cheap for oligarchs; they can afford to back every candidate for every party in every election in every country.

Representative democracy is an obvious hoax used by corporatism.


Yes, let us have a “positive meeting” as she said, so let’s not talk about any anything but how the billionaires are raping the country.


But a very good hoax! Because not obvious to the American sheeple.


the best government money can buy…


More, more, more!

Everyone, you who are reading this, make a plan to go ask YOUR “representative” similar tough questions in public. Post the video. Raise the pressure. Keep it rolling.


I actually think he deserves worse. I’m thinking a rope and a tree branch. Corrupt and traitor both to his oath of office and country, and to all his constituents who he does not represent. Of course, by the same token we would have to hang just about every politician everywhere…might run out of rope and trees.


Rep. Lloyd Smucker is the perfect definition of the word politics, which came from the Greeks and translates to : poli, meaning many, and tics, meaning blood sucking leeches!


No, they’re renewable resources—and a damn good thing.


We live in a Plutocracy. What a false democracy. Thank you for this great video.


“You’re ruining it for the rest of us.” Ruining what? A conference of non-answers from a typical owned, scumbag politician?


Maybe that’s the reason republicans don’t seem to have any problem with trees being cut down in the name of progress.


This is a good sign. Things are heating up under the GOP pot. With the gun issue, the issue presented here, gerrymandering and others the GOP has a lot to answer for and it is being handle at all levels, local and federal. Keep smiling folks, it is starting to work :slight_smile:


Obviously, Rep. Smucker isn’t go to answer the question with a “yes I am a mercenary for the billionaires and yes, I believe this horse crap”.

It is a given that Jonathan was going to get ejected (this is what oligarchs do when truths are revealed). Jonathon will simply be categorized as a crazy liberal extremist by the truly crazy extremists that support the Koch Brothers.

While I applaud Jonathon’s efforts at revealing the truth, this approach tends to be counterproductive, imo. It offers some catharsis to those of us who despise the stranglehold the Koch brothers have on democracy but I’d like to know: who the hell are those other people in the room sitting there like programmed robots enabling this sham of an event?


Fucking excellent Jonathan. If everyone had your courage we would not be in such dire circumstances. Fight the power.


I wouldn’t go that far Ditton. But it is good to see someone with some courage standing up to power. They are the true patriots. They are the hope, if there is any.


Plenty of lamp-posts around for that matter, if trees aren’t readily available.