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Activist Ejected From Meeting With Lawmaker After Asking How Much Money He's Getting From Koch Brothers

Aw, come on Dan, I’m trying to be optimistic here, I do feel a shift change in the air, in the reporting across the web. People are starting to show how fed-up they really are and it is breeding true patriots to be sure.


How dare you peon riff raff shmuck question my supremeiy honorable standing in the fake pay to play ruling cabal. Take him out officers.

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Thank you Jonathan. This takes courage.

Tom stayer isn’t trying his hardest to gut the working class. BIG DIFFERENCE!

I am completely in agreement. I am trying very hard not to be depressed and cry, so I throw out a little false cheer to get me and you and the others through hell in one piece. Smiling is good medicine for what ails us all.

False equivalency.

Not the same situations.

One side of the isle controls the meeting. False equivalency.

Do you think you would have been kicked out of a fascist controlled meeting if you had supported the Kochs?

I complain about money in politics all the time.

Direct Democracy

Besides ugly phraseology, what’s the difference between democracy and mob rule?

If a vote affects you negatively, introduce one to fix it. If you volunteer to shoot your mother in law, you will be voted down anyway. That’s democracy for you.

Libertarianism is majority owned by the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party.

I recommend the new book, “The Wisdom of Crowds”, https://www.amazon.com/The-Wisdom-Crowds-James-Surowiecki/dp/0385721706?tag=tedspeakers-20. It is the science behind direct democracy.

or watch the TED talk by its author: