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Activist Voices Missing From Corporate Coverage of Uprisings

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/17/activist-voices-missing-corporate-coverage-uprisings


Excellent and much-needed expose - thank you!
It seems astonishing, but many do not know the level of domination and control the PTB have over public perceptions - the first tool of despots and corporatism is control of our Fourth Estate sold out from under our republic and people by corrupt politicians - privatized by government of, by and for wealth and exploitation…

Control of the narrative and manipulation of truth has been the goal of our media and those that use it to their own advantage, and profit.


Freedom of the press in the US, has always meant freedom FROM us? Their job’s to tell us what they’re going to do TO us uppity Rooski bots and revolting troublemakers. Natives, Blacks, women, labor, immigrants, farmers. … Media: of, for, by and about how our media indoctrinated Creative Class will soon be 1% if they’ll just believe & fork us to the sharks?


~https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/16/style/does-rapid-covid-testing-work-weddings-parties.html (I’m guessing, this & that UCSF nasal spray will be HUGE, this fall?)



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“Media Miss The Message”

Not really, if you understand MSM is not media at all. It no longer informs the public, it twists or omits the narrative of the story. It is now simply infotainment or out right entertainment.