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Activists and Investors Hold Exxon's Feet to the Fire for Climate Crimes


Activists and Investors Hold Exxon's Feet to the Fire for Climate Crimes

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

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The demand for ExxonMobil to come clean with its investors, and the public, for its deliberate climate change deception was on full display in Dallas on Wednesday as activists rallied outside the oil giant's annual meeting calling on financial backers to "divest from Exxon's pollution, deception, and greed."


Protest is in the air and demonstrations are in people's thoughts again! Yay and double plus good yay!

What is the one thing that people who have done things they don't want to have to answer for fear the most? Publicity!!!!

I imagine those going to the annual meeting cringed to see the protestors. Lol pretty damn hard to stay in denial when you see people carrying signs about what you have been doing!

I am starting to feel more hopeful that the impossible will take a lot less time to become real. How long ago did people still talk as if it would be impossible to get off fossil fuels for at least another half century or more? I am most happy to see that is fast becoming reality. Really fast in fact. That should give us all hope for the kind of life the children will have. The people of the world are awakening and marching!

It will not take nearly as long as the fossil fuel industry has been hoping it would take to switch to renewable. Even they are now funding and investing in the very replacements they didn't want ...lol. No it won't take as long as we feared once they start to do that. They are too addicted to greed and if they have to make money by being sane and rational then they will go that far ...even if they are unused to making a profit without destroying the environment. Nope it won't take so long at all.


You mean the girls aren't going to Sanders rallys and protests just because "that is where the boys are" according to Gloria Steinem. ?


All fossil fuel is loosing is valuation basis.
Pension funds, hedge funds, even banks are devaluing oil portfolios.

As more and more divestment (Are you listening Bibi?) is brought
into play, their spiral downward becomes more inevitable.

Withdraw investment, diversify into green.
Even T Boone Pickens is investing in Wind Farm Hi-voltage transmission lines.

Gotta wonder...........


It is ironic that the State most on the news for extreme weather conditions is holding this meeting. The people of Texas should be really angry, when not dealing with the weekly floods or tornado's that have destroyed countless property and has taken many lives, they are dealing with right wing politicians that are bought by these corporations.


I said the same thing when I saw the Bernie rally in the South Bronx with over 25 thousand people in attendance.


They know which way the smog blows...and always have. What they want is for people stay home and everything stay the same for 20 more years. Thanks to Bernie and all the good people who trust him, that won't happen anymore. People are awake again. Yay people. Yay protest. Feels good to see it again!


Big shareholders who divest can't vote for shareholder resolutions, or encourage alumni and the public to do the same.


Like your thinking - people are complicit in their choices and the results of their choices.
Too many in our culture fabricate a mythical disconnect that provides them with the license to continue killing people with unnecessary pollution from the dirty energy system. They choose to support, enable and continue this dirty corporatism..
We need to clearly and fairly recognize these people for who they really are - sociopathic, anti-democratic, elitist, power mongers who will continue to exercise their domination until we stop them.
"Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things we can do without."
(Tears for Fears)


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