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Activists Around the World Take #NoDAPL Fight to the Banks


Activists Around the World Take #NoDAPL Fight to the Banks

Nika Knight, staff writer

Activists in Tokyo, Seattle, San Francisco, and Minneapolis marched, demonstrated, and demanded that banks divest from the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in simultaneous actions Thursday.

"These catastrophic projects can't continue, and as citizens of Planet Earth, we can't allow banks to use our money to fund them," said Barb Drake, an organizer of the Seattle action, which saw over 100 people calling on Wells Fargo to divest from the project.


That might tarnish Wells Fargo’s stellar reputation for honesty and respect for its customers. :slight_smile:


Don’t the full page feel good ads Wells Fargo has been running in many daily Murkin newspapers during the past few months relieve our distress ?


So beautiful! After years (even generations) of being herded thru life like sheep, the PEOPLE are waking up, and asking “WTF?? This “caviar” you say you you have given us tastes just like SHIT! And what is this BILL for irreparable damage to a whole planet!”
We, the PEOPLE… such a beautiful sight and sound!


Maybe we’re trying to play their game - MONEY ?

If so - they’ll win - one way or the other - because we have again bought in to MONEY.

Smithsonian magazine’s November issue had a fine article on the return of the American Jaguar to Arizona’s Santa Rita Mountains - Apache country that I have visited. It’s just north of the Sierra Madres in Sonora Mexico, where the latest jaguar to ‘come home’ was (is ?) El Jefe (The Boss).

December’s issue is about the only wild and untameable steppe horse of the Eurasian plains - the ‘Takhi’, also called the P-Horse.

The reason I bring these two articles up is because they are real and not about MONEY.

We are still fixated on politics as some type of game - and MONEY.

Not going to work folks.

Two thousand vets are supposed to arrive at the confluence of the Cannonball & Missouri Rivers on Sunday.

The idea is WATER - which is also real - like the American jaguar and the Takhi steppe horse - still as wild and untameable as it has always been - maybe we have forgotten how that feels ?


Yes, too many Murkins work and live in cublicles, ( and towers), and have forgotten that the Earth is our home.


Use it or lose it is a true expression.

Our endocrine systems were designed for life outside, in the presence of danger.

James Kunstler’s “World Made by Hand” ideas have a lot of merit.

Not a return to former times, but a renewal of contact - tactile -

Framing residential homes for six years was something I did after leaving the oilpatch as a consuling wellsite geologist, and I know a man with a Ph.D. in physics (adaptive optics specialist), who left his profession for framing.

“The times they are a changing”.


You are so right. The book Tribe addresses this also. Thank you.