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Activists Arrested at Pennsylvania Capitol Demanding Pro-Democracy Reforms


Activists Arrested at Pennsylvania Capitol Demanding Pro-Democracy Reforms

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

After marching 100 miles from Philadelphia to Harrisburg, a group of activists demanding that the Pennsylvania state government "get big money out of the political system" were arrested at the state Capitol on Monday for, as one observer put it, "chanting too loud."


This is what DEMOCRACY looks like!


Here's hoping it catches on. The globe needs a wildfire of people standing up to take back our governments.


The headline says it all about 21st century America, we now have to actually request Democracy.


or DEMAND democracy and nothing less


You can tell it's presently not a democracy when people fighting for democracy get grabbed and arrested.


Soooooo true!


YES!YES!YES! See you at the barricades (or te joint of their choice). They buils 'em and we'll fill 'em until they choke on their own BS.


Demand, not request. Power yields nothing without a demand as Frederick Douglass so famously reminded the world.


Sorry DLT, whipped through too quickly. What you said.


My immediate thought was the same. Obviously we are not operating like a democracy. What really are we - oligarchy no doubt.


Yea, they were too loud. The constitution apparently doesn't permit freedom of speech - if it is too loud. And after all, it is the public's building...isn't it?


And I thought subtlety was lost on you.


Not exactly my point, but hey, you're rolling.


Both parties agree that 45 or not, the system must remain as is. That is more important than anything else.
45 says publicly that the Constitution is "archaic." No problem. Sessions doesn't get removed for perjury during his confirmation hearing. No problem.
Ad nauseum.


That's right.


This demonstration makes all others seem unimportant.

Direct Democracy


Hmm - did CD cover the protests and arrests at the Pres. debate at Hofstra last Sept.? Hmm, don't remember that ... Did CD cover the shenanigans when the DP stole the election for the PA 197th district house seat? Hmmm, don't remember that either ...


Being a GOP apologist does require some ... eh, memory management. Yet, in mentioning the 197th state district race controversy, you make a really boffo of a pitch for Cheri Honkala and the PA Green Pary. Nice to have a GOP apologist rejoining the human race for a spell. You may like it here. I even hear tell that having some of the humanity and fortitude of folks like Cheri rub off on oneself makes passing Judgement Day a lot easier. Even for GOP types. Hmmm.....


To me it looks like a violation of the 1st Amendment which has come to pass because of the bribery that has given rise to plutocracy.