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Activists Blockade NRA Entrance to Protest 'Relentless' Gun Lobby



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"Ban Assault Weapons"

lately i've heard the phrase that assault weapon should never be available to civilians. i'd love to take that a step further and ban assault weapons out of existence! the united states is the major manufacturer of such weapons. as i read these discussion threads over and over again i see that many of us feel convinced that our political system has become totally corrupted and that the halls of congress are filled with self-serving sociopaths or psychopaths. so? these are the people we want deciding who should and should not own an assault rifle? the seldom discussed purpose of the second bill of rights entry, "a well regulated militia" was for citizens to protect against another all-powerful dictator like king george. i think 'twas thom jefferson who warned that "a government powerful enough to give you all you want would be powerful enough to take it away."

many point out that empire america has morphed into a fascist, police state holding a gun to the world. me? i don't own a gun. i choose not to own a gun! we need to address and understand the causes of violent behavior. remember timothy mcveigh did not use an assault rifle. i think insanity is the reason for the pulse tragedy, but more and more people on earth are experiencing unresolved anger issues. these issues will not be solved by exerting more pressure from the top. already, hidden around this country are a plethora of assault weapons. as long as we're dreaming of a solution, lets go back to swords and battle axes for those who must engage in battle to the death, close all weapons manufacturing and especially stop manufacturing ammunition for same until those hidden assault weapons are of less use that a battle ax.


It rather ironic is it not that the pro-gun crowd argues guns needed to defend ones Constitutional rights which are said to include freedom of assembly even as people who assemble in protest are arrested for the same.

I guess had these people assembled with guns and fired on the police officers coming to arrest them , they are then defending their rights and all is ok.

The entire "we need guns to defend our freedoms" meme is absurd.


The protests are fine, I just think it would be more effective to **** Wayne LaPierre in the ***** with a ****...


Wonderful post. I couldn't agree more


I agree. My (late) dad was in WWII , and was NOT fond of guns-just the opposite.


Why would people be arrested because they want PEACE? And the gun lobby wants no background checks-. Plus the cowards in congress who bow down to the NRA as if they need permission . The NRA as I understand it is a private organization but look what it stands for -violence. I do not think they even care if anyone dies as long as it isn't them


Yes, it is ironic.


A few lives is better than none-also where are all these guns coming from -think about the politics and profits people.


Puppies are This vile creature is symbolic of what a violent corrupt country we have.


It's not only absurd-it's a way of life. Other industrialized nations do not have this problem.


Look people have a right to their opinions and to assemble lawfully and peacefully. The vast majority of gun owners will disagree with these folks but we will defend their rights just as much as we defend our own. Once they block/constrain the free movement and trespass, they are no longer peaceful and legal protesters and they deserve to be arrested for their crimes.
The NRA simply wants due process and judicial oversight to avoid secret government blacklists and writs of attainer being used by despots to strip people of rights, with no checks and balances. The NRA and Republicans also agree with the ACLU on this. Think about which rights you are willing to cede to the all powerful executive in exchange for empty guarantees of safety and security.


another ironic comment. yesterday i heard paul ryan say "republicans should not vote against their conscience. hm? does paul ryan even have a conscience?


Excellent catch.

The NRA masquerades as a group concerned about the Constitution when all it is truly concerned with is Commerce, as in promoting the Sale and Manufacture of Guns and Ammunition.

Their "Obama is Coming for Your Guns" hoax, foisted upon their gullible disciples, was worth millions to the Guns and Ammo Industry.