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Activists Demand Bolder Efforts to Address Pollution After Scientists Find MicroPlastics in Human Organs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/17/activists-demand-bolder-efforts-address-pollution-after-scientists-find


“The best way to tackle the problem is to massively reduce the amount of plastic that’s being made and used.”

That’s gonna be a fight with Big Oil too

We need to jack up the Plastic recycling in the mean time


Agreed, we need a bolder and broader understanding of resource management and use. Obviously, we’ve reached our limit on plastics.

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If this isn’t proof enough that Government and Industry are working together to shorten our lives, you’re a fucking Zombie.


The body burden gets passed along to little baby zombies too.


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Plastic “recycling” is a fraud; a lie told the gullible to fool those who at least want to do the right thing, but government does not work for those, or health of people, planet or society, only for corporate profits uber alles, regardless how much the planet - our Mother Gaia - is poisoned by “business” that is allowed to produce and sell anything regardless how harmful, deadly, or destructive to all life - health and safety, clean water and air, non-poisonous contaminated food and products - health and safety mean nothing to the vulture capitalist system of greed and its bought-and paid-for political class of sold-out lackeys and streetwalkers!


The truth is that the greatest part of our Western so-called economy is poisonous and destructive to health and life on Earth - carcinogenic and polluting - and will not be changed or their entire house of cards, cancer and death will come crashing down and they will lose all their power and “wealth”!


But it was only back in 1967 when plastics had a great future:


Oh, the times they are a changin’.

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Wrap your head around the scope of the problem:

The US alone produces 35 million tons of plastic per year.


Then ask yourself if Joe “nothing will fundamentally change” Biden is going to do jack shit to rein in the giant corporations that market this crap. And all the greenwashing about recycling plastic is nonsense – a shockingly small percentage of it gets recycled worldwide, including less than 50% of it in the environmentally conscious EU.


“Better Things Through Better Living…Through Chemistry.” ~Dupont Slogan 1935~

Ironic, isn’t it?


Yes PonyBoy it’s so ironic .

They screwed the Hemp Industry big time and ushered in a nightmare world that is killing life on this planet .

Du-Pont thought that they would save nature but ended up destroying nature …

Use nature but do not abuse nature in a balanced caring way is what we must do now…

There is no better in the universe just another way ! Life the universe does not know better !

Time for some Hemp again .


Getting this junk out of our bodies is central to health. WTF are the rich thinking? I could not believe the “environmentalists” in CA “solved” this problem by letting grocery stores charge a dime for a plastic bag. That was supposed to reduce waste? All it did was transfer money to the wealthy, even drugstores charge for their damn bags. The profit margin is staggering. The solution is to do what the Swedes do. Burn it for energy in BioMass plants. These burn at 1800 degrees. The iron can be recycled by a simple pass of the burned waste under a magnet. Landfills are reduced by 90%! If you do the calculation which is science not feelings. First two trunks going around for garbage pick up wastes energy, cut to 1 and you save half the energy used to gather the waste. Take it to an energy plant and drop it off. That saves hauling it to a landfill. Plus just letting waste sit creates about a third of the pollution burning it does without any gain of energy and therefore reduction of coal and nuclear. It is not complicated, just that environmentalist freak out when you talk about burning anything. Plus burned plastic which is basically oil then does not end up in lakes, rivers and oceans.


As it is currently practiced it is a fraud. With the right packaging standards and recycling infrastructure, there is no reason that plastic cannot be reused indefinitely - as they already are in some more-developed countries outside the US.

Prophets-of-doom like your comment are not helping us. Assuming that we are not talking about anarcho-primitivist return to hunter-gatherer culture, even in a non-capitalist economy, plastic containers would still be used.

Here’s a good place to start; It’s an example plastic law from 2014 that is an amalgam of laws forming up at the time. Every word except grammatical connections has been signed of on by a state attorney general.

Keep in m ind that many good paying small stores were here before super markets that require one-way through plastic disposed of at public expense.


I think your comment implies that there are no inherent risks associated with the use of plastic and that is simply not true. That we we produce (pollute) tons more than we manage is another issue.


Researchers have now found plastic in sea life living in the deepest parts of the ocean. The problem doesn’t get more profound than that! And, yes, once again it’s oil that is killing this planet. It’s almost as if that asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs is hitting the earth again.



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Pollution (plastic and otherwise) is everywhere:


I keep thinking that one of the keys to this problem lies in youthful scientists who will discover a new material to replace petroleum-based plastics with something more natural – and also biodegradable.

This likely will require serious limits on the plastics of today to find the economic push for this research to develop.

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$20/lb tax on all plastic manufactured in US; $50/lb on imported plastic. It would certainly rejuvenate the recycling industry!

Not to diminish the point of the story, but it is incorrect in stating, “Previous research has shown that people could be eating a credit card’s worth of plastic a day.” The linked WWF Report states “a credit card per week.”

Just speculating, plastic on the brain may be just one factor among many that’s gradually impairing our ability to think straight. :roll_eyes:


The oil industry is already working on finding more ways to use plastic. There have been articles in Audubon Magazine, Consumer Report, and Rolling Stone

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