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Activists Demand Justice Following Assassination of Berta Cáceres

Activists Demand Justice Following Assassination of Berta Cáceres

Nika Knight, staff writer

More than 50 humanitarian and environmental groups from around the world called on Friday for an independent international investigation into the assassination of Honduran Indigenous rights activist Berta Cáceres, who was murdered in her sleep at 1am on Thursday by two unknown assailants.


¡Berta Cáceres, presente!

This should be a major issue in the current US presidential race. Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State totally signed off on the anti-democracy Honduran coup in 2009, and the ongoing repression of popular movements who resist transnational capital looting the natural resources of Honduras.

If we had an actual independent communications media, this brutal murder would trigger hard questions for Clinton, about US support for oligarchy and extractivism versus US support for grassroots democracy, and accountability for the ugly consequences.


The assassination of Berta Caceres is fruit of US policy supporting fascist regimes/dictators and death squads in Central and South America, and Caribbean!
The history of US support, funding, arming, training, and coddling right-wing regimes and killers led directly to numerous atrocities including this tragic assassination!
US policy/support for right-wing forces allowing or ignoring our legacy of violent repression and coups throughout Latin America as been largely supported by all US Presidents - I do give Obama credit for “opening” relations with Cuba, but the devil is in the details.




I would not be the least bit surprised if deep down, she didn’t have a problem with this murder.

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Hillary Clinton is proud of the regime change that destroyed the tender young Honduran democracy and introduced the democratic party version of corporate dictatorship style democracy.


Impossible or possible?

Make no mistake: Hillary Clinton and Obama are responsible for this (and the deaths of tens of thousands others who have been murdered or disappeared. It shows you what kind of “experience” the former has, and what kind of weak kneed temperament Obama has, he always bowing to the neoliberal gods.


This just sucks. What a loss for the environment and humanity. And it is happening with a lot more frequency. Berta and all environmental activists are the bravest people…she knew she could lose her life but her dedication to her work and a better world kept her going. Such a terrible loss.


A short step from this to a President Trump yelling “get them
out”, in reference to what he would likely call “eco terrorists” — based
on the brutal tactics he already directs upon any unwelcome and
peaceful protesters at Il Donald’s campaign events”.

Seems like a lesson being taught by the Disguised Global Capitalist
Empire (HQed in and ‘posing’ as America) from the periphery of the
Empire to those non-violent environmental protesters nearer the

As Hannah Arendt warned the German and all people about all Empires:“Empire abroad entails tyranny at home”


The coup was triggerred by a proposal to raise the minimum wage. The Corporations would not tolerate that.


“We know that in Honduras it is very easy to pay people to commit murders,” Zuñiga Caceres said of her mother’s death to teleSUR._ “But we know that those behind this are other powerful people with money and a whole apparatus that allows them to commit these crimes.”_

And there you have it in a nutshell globally.

A sad loss of a moral and dynamic leader. So needed during these eroded times. “Let us wake up” she said. Let us.


HRC strikes again! Reading a few prior articles about this - she perhaps didn’t start the coup, but certainly supported, aided,and abetted it. More consequences of her pragmatic experience, and a frightening example of her worldview. with Democrats like her we don’t need Republicans.


The Guardian is a corporate sponsored rag like all rags in the England, and these are the ones which people read to get their UK and world news, ie propaganda.

In a way, Scotland’s desire for independence and the massive support for the democratically elected government, ie the SNP, is also being scuppered, stifled and propagandised about, from abroad. Scotland is rich in resources, not least in oil and gas (do not believe the myth that it’s running out). Scotland is also forced against more than 80% of the peoples’ will, to house trident nuke subs just 25 miles from her biggest city.

Honduras sounds like an absolute nightmare being created by the US.

What a tragedy for all of us, and for the future generations and the planet.
The thing is, do the murderers not have children, do they want the planet a wasteland, and where inequality is the norm. It would seem so, money is truly the root of all things immoral, corrupt and destructive. Very sad.


Exactly. In a USA where its citizens were not media-conditioned to not give a damn about others, Hillary would be dropping out of the race in disgrace, and Sanders would be facing some critical questions regarding US foreign policy as well.


i think that genedebs is saying that deep down she may not be bothered at all by this murder.

i’m hoping that deep down she is still bothered, but i wish her “deep down” would surface and reveal a compassionate human under the neoliberal borg.

and yes, this should be a part of the debate.


The odious servant of the U.S. kleptocracy Barack H. Obama and his then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for their role in enabling this foul murder and executed for the crime.


yes, when i first learned of the coup on democracy NOW! i hosted an ongoing thread on a now defunct discussion site. for the thread title i chose HONDURAS and for the subtitle “hillary your slip is showing”

i feel so saddened by this news.


and let’s not overlook jim demint and the little republican committee who rushed to honduras to meet behind closed doors with the new putsch government.


Zelaya also planned to let poor peasants farm unused corporate landholdings, and that certainly couldn’t be tolerated!


Did Kissinger order the Hit ?