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Activists Demand Regulator Reject All New Energy Projects in Her Last Weeks on Job Because Planet Can't Wait

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/14/activists-demand-regulator-reject-all-new-energy-projects-her-last-weeks-job-because

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The sun begs to give us power through solar, wind, and wave processes as harnessable and sustainable sources (that do have to be stored). The earth begs us to use its geothermal resources according to the laws of thermodynamics (along with electromagnetic resources–paging Nikola Tesla). Fossil fuels are ancient stores of solar energy, as the sun provided the photons for photosynthesis that the grew the algae, plants, and animals that were later accumulated into the subsurface and subsea regions of our planet. (You might infer that I am a sun worshiper by this discussion, but alas, knowing it has its own expiration date, I’ll not go down that road.) What renewables really give us is the opportunity to power our lives independently while contributing to the grid for the common purpose of resiliency. To do this, the power must be wrested from Big Energy, which will do anything it can to rob you of your labor. This is a Common Cause this Power to the People thing. We need to vote and support leaders who understand how we can gain independence from corporations and yet contribute to the cooperative at the same time. A better way is possible. Will we the agents of the required change?

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The problem with most bureaucrats who make these types of decisions is that they are usually there to help, not hinder, business interests. I doubt she has any conscience when it comes to the environment.

What the hell is a FERC? a semi- working Gov’t agency with 1 member and no power? BXE? Where did They come from? Time all of these so called “ Activist Groups” joined up and organized. These small Factions accomplish nothing.

This encapsulates the problem with Obama and the mainstream D-party’s “all-of-the-above” stance.

We don’t have time to transition to renewables over decades – that ship sailed as we were clinging to fossil fuels. I sympathize with the go slow approach, the inertia built into the cash cow mentality is strong, but damn: How bad will things have to get before we transition, full stop?

At one time I wondered how awful it would be for people and the planet when the sun burns out in a few billion years. Little did I know then that our generation may be the last. This year there is a deepening gloom among my family and friends when we see flowers blooming with few insects to pollinate them, people not caring a hoot what is in their food (palm oil, the quickest destroyer of primary rainforest, is in lots of food and soaps but few care to read the labels) or what happens beyond their little world, trump and the losers and monsters who support him, bigotry, racism, prejudice against women, etc. Maybe I should start drinking and smoking again.

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Then the right-wing would soil the dialogue with talk of environmental anarchy.
Raygun’s removing the WH solar collectors should give us a hint that energy policy is fighting against a brick wall.
We might have the people, but they have the money, and money seems to be the louder voice.

Show some courage Ms. LaFleur. No new FF project. For your and our children.