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Activists Expose Monsanto's Senate Lackeys Minutes Before DARK Act Vote



To hell with the Organic Trade Association for their "Big Organic" sell-out to Monsanto and friends.

To hell with all Senators who vote for this ugly monstrosity. (Murray and Cantwell held on the previous vote, see if they cave on this cloture vote so they can safely flip back to "oppose" on the final vote.)


Noted it was said the "bill" was negotiated in secret. That is how fascist governments do things. However the term negotiated does not describe what has taken place. The "bill" was written by the lobbyist behind this plot and handed to their lackeys for passage. Negotiating involved how much organic campaign juice was involved.


Crossing Stonyfield off my list of yogurts to buy.

The Organic Trade Ass. has been sadly compromised by corporate ne'er do wells. .


"Nancy's" organic is $6 bucks for 32 oz's. Yum!


Like TPP and TIPP decided in secrecy, like the Obama health "care" plan written by Big Insurance, like Wars set up on cases FIXED for war which the corporate mass media diligently repeated... that citizens are not even permitted to know what's in their food: THIS is what THEY call freedom?

Add in elections with falsified vote counts to generate already agreed-upon (by elites) outcomes, and bailouts to banks decided against the public's will...

And they also call THAT freedom.

What a friggin farce at every level!


I just love this administration's much promised transparency It makes me feel like the leaders of the nation that we elect to work in our best interests are really doing the job we chose them for. I am also very pleased that in a few months, after their much deserved summer off, we shall have the opportunity to show them exactly how much we appreciate their efforts at the polls.
Entirely off topic but since teachers do not get paid on their summers off do our legislators have to tighten their belts as well?


How completely oblique and obfuscatory this roll call list is...certainly not meant for the lay person to understand, which is why it was written that way. The roll-call vote was for cloture...ending debate on the Dark Act bu when you click on S.674 it takes you to the defunding Planned Parenthood (2015). By the time a bill is introduced and all the myriad riders and amendments are attached (in a VERY secretive and surreptitious manner) and then it is brought up for a vote, it does not even remotely resemble the original.


GMO - Give Monsanto Obeisance (or Obedience). Monsanto is a monster whose growth is apparently unstoppable, thanks to the loyalty of members of both the House and Senate (regardless of party affiliation) that Monsanto pays millions to buy. And then the pres signs these bills without hesitation or, if there is hesitation it is for show, with a wink, and an accompanying wordy statement of BS.


This is a pretty sad commentary on "democracy". Apparently, if someone disagrees with you, you automatically assume that they cannot think for themselves and are in the pay of someone. Maybe, just, maybe some of the people who issue the loudest insults on discussion boards are actually paid "shills" of the OCA? Fact - OCA was advertising for boggers to write pieces favorable to anti-GMO/pro organic positions - how many people here signed up??
All these claims that 90% of the American public want GMO labeling are fictional. Four states held referendums on GMO labeling, and all four turned it down. The latest consumer preference poll found that only 35% to 45% of consumers said, in answer to a direct question, that they wanted GMO labeling. Of all the people questioned, only 20% said they looked for non_GMO products. The biggest surprise: when given an open-ended question: what changes do you want to see in food labels? - only 3 (three) percent said "GMO labeling". Claims that even a majority of consumers want a GMO label are just political noise.


Apparently, Bernie is the only true leader in a group of miscreants.
He is right - Americans want to know what they are eating.
And Bernie probably is one of the few who would admit the answer - You're eating pesticides.
You're feeding your children pesticides.
The truth really does hurt.


Not. True. Nice try though.


I believe all your noise. I refuse to believe that Monsanto would harm another human being. I live in Vietnam.


It's happening all over. Just look what happened in France. They are tightening the noose. All vestiges of democracy are gone. There is no choice but to get out in the streets and bring their comfortable profit making machine to a stop. It's time.


Right. And since the major automobile manufacturers all built tanks, guns, and weapons in WWII we should quit buying cars and put them all out of business. Since Boeing built airplanes that dropped bombs that have killed hundreds of thousands of people we should shut down Boeing and Airbus and ground all commercial aircraft.. Yeh, right. Your "logic" is scary.


You have no knowledge now about "what is in your food", and you obviously have zero knowledge about how the plants you eat now were created.
Almost all plants that you eat contain many genes that do not exist in any "natural" plant. Literally thousands of plant varieties we have today were created by artificially created random mutations.
One great example of a plant that could not, and never would exist "in nature" is the banana.
One fifth of the world's potato crop is lost each year to disease. If people like you did not stigmatize all GMO crops, those potatoes would be not be lost. It is wrong to loose so much food for the sake of supporting some irrational nonsense ideology. Why do you continue to provide free advertising campaign service for companies that charge way too much for the food they sell - that they could not sell if they did not get people like you to propagate their propaganda of fear?


Thank you for your regurgitation of Monsanto talking points. Do they pay you or do you actually believe in chemical farming?


And Cornucopia has a wonderful yogurt product guide http://www.cornucopia.org/yogurt-scorecard/ for the discerning shopper.


You just validated my observation. You don't like what I say, but rather than offer any reasons, you just name-call.
You don't make any effort to present a reasoned, supportable position.
I have seen a lot of cries here wanting "democracy" - but since the vote did not go the way you want, now you say you should not be subjected to majority vote. Clearly, wanting "democracy" is a smoke screen.
Quit blaming food on obesity. People are obese because they eat too many calories compared to what they need.
Obesity is correlated with, but not caused by, low educational level - too many people who got through an education system without learning anything useful.
I work in a biomedical research center. Very, very, few overweight people here. There is no avoiding any particular food at the lunch counters - they just have enough sense to limit how much they eat.
Claiming that conventionally produced food is causing obesity is a serious disservice to public health. People need to take responsibility for their own behavior. It is just like smoking - only you put the cigarette in your mouth, only you put the food in your mouth.
You completely destroy your credibility by making allegations about my brain being affected by anything. Assuming I have any neurological defect (which I do not), it would be nearly impossible to make an association between that defect and anything I have consumed, even if a thorough post-mortem analysis was done in a qualified research lab. Making completely baseless allegations just shows you don't care about facts.


Are you paid by the OCA to attack everyone who does not agree with their propaganda?

Oh, "industrial farming" has lost it's shock value? Now we have a new term?

If you want to believe that modern agricultural methods are harmful, then please go away and and spend your time growing food however you want. Do not try to impose your unscientific ideology on the rest of us.
Worse, you are trying to eliminate the very tools that we have to produce food with less environmental impact, contain more nutritious components, resist diseases, and have longer shelf life. These are all things that pretty much everyone would agree would be good goals. But no, the organic food industry spreads its propaganda of fear among people like you, to sell its high-priced products, at the expense of the environment, improved nutrition, and world food security.
That is clearly profits before all other considerations. GMO foods are safe, and offer benefits to the environment and / or nutrition and / or food security. That is the consensus of 270 independent scientific organizations around the world, and has also been stated in a letter from over 100 Nobel Prize winning scientists.
It is crazy that there are so many people who want so bad to believe that they know more about food than the farmers who grow it or the scientists who actually do understand how genetic engineering works and actually do understand the biochemistry of agricultural chemicals. If you don't understand the science, then please to push your ideology on the rest of us. It's no skin off your back what other people eat. It is a real serious problem when you push an ideology that harms the environment, reduces world food security, and denies millions of people with an opportunity for improved nutrition - and that is what the anti-GMO movement is doing, along with lining the pockets of some unethical corporations.
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