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Activists, Farmers, Indigenous People Rise Up to March Against Monsanto



Monsanto, because everyone should be defoliated.


In countries across the West including here in Canada the Governments at various levels try and limit the ability of groups of peoples to enage in boycotts against the state of Israel under the BDS. I would not be surprised if Monsanto does nto take the same tack.

The Boycott is one of the last effective tools the working class has to use against the Corporation.


Almost all corporate food, especially fast food, is not healthy but Monsanto is the elephant in the room. Just like corporate news rots your brain, corporate food rots your body. The main reason being corporate food is not produced to promote ones health, but is produced for the greatest possible profits and shelf life regardless of its disease promoting properties. The big food corporations have bought off the FDA.

Eliminating one of the worst, Monsanto is imperative.


These people understand that innocence during times of extreme evil makes them complicit.


This is very true and likely goes back to Monsanto's role as war chemicals provider... "aiding" the MIC with its Agent Orange prolifically utilized over Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

"Monsanto has infiltrated various agencies within the United States government, and as a result both public health and the health of our environment has suffered greatly."

There's a very dangerous 3-prong system of controls that consists of:

  1. A captured media that repeats the lie that Monsanto's products are safe
  2. That the vast majority of academics relies upon the "generous contributions" of donors like Monsanto. That taints research in favor of the donors.
  3. The Government-Monsanto link (which manages to hush up any challenges to Monsanto's claims while doing a smear campaign on those scientists who come forward with independent research findings that counter Monsanto's safety claims.)

I just learned that a lot of noise is being made in Florida to get funding for chemicals to ward off the so-called Zika mosquito. The state asked Obama for $2 billion and a massive fear campaign is underway. They will start spraying... and I pray it isn't what was used in Brazil!

As intelligent people (who don't just accept Official Narratives) now understand, there is NO proof that the Zika mosquito is responsible for the outbreak of microcephaly in Brazil. As a matter of fact, there's more evidence suggesting that a larvae-cide developed by a Monsanto affiliate and spread into the drinking water supply caused the brain defects in all those babies.

Could it be that with Heat coming down on Monsanto to label its franken-stein foods, it's turning to the mosquito spray campaigns to boost profits?


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Right on!


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Monsanto of late is looking like it may become a part of Bayer. When I read that their profits had taken a nose dive and of course, that they are persona non grata more and more, I wondered what their shady bunch of high powered lawyers (of which Ms. Clinton once was) would do next.

I found this cheery article about that possible buy out. I knew Bayer had a dark past but this piece reminded me of just how dark. Birds of a feather I say.



Please, please, please dear divine creator ease the speedy evaporation of this deadly demon.


Absolutely. These are the models of "survival" through killing anything that is not reflected in its deadly narrow narcissistic mirror- damn the web of life and aligning with the rigorous nurturing that has evolved over millennia.and will continue evolving in perpetuity. These behemoths seem hell bent on making sure that human beings are irrevocably severed from the planetary future


Sadly, OG it is true. One has to wonder if they were hiding behind a door when the humane part of being human was passed out. They must have families........?!! It boggles the mind.


More like sitting in their penthouse (not "behind a door") counting the golden eggs their global chemical goose has laid for decades. The appointment of many Monsanto executives to key Obama Administration offices HAS been largely conducted behind closed doors.


For every product and seed that Monsanto has messed with, I say no. Keep up the pressure. We're losing our special seeds and so much more because of these hateful corporatist, greedy power mongers.


"divine creator?" :confounded:

There is no evidence of any deity saving Homo sapiens at the last yearning second, from himself! The wheels are coming off this slow-motion train wreck we call modern progress!


Monsanto political management of HRC


They don't call her "Bride of Frankenfood" for nuthin'


try electromagneticbiospheric dynamics far exceeding the human capacity to fathom much less render into any kind of technology; the primordial soup within which we swim and never can fully identify; hence the destruction of the human niche balances without respecting the necessity to always work to align with all of it that "modern progress" (my father used to write that ssergorp) demonically claims right to betake (rather than beget).

yup, neither you nor i alone make the whole thing work - that is the "divine creator" to which I refer.


The fight is global for food, privacy, trade deals and the list goes on. The people are under attack from the globalists and their push for extreme right wing positions. Thank you to all of those out there that are fighting for all of us.
Monsanto stabs us and the Pharmaceutical companies slab us. Monsanto makes us sick so we buy more medicine that ultimately kills us. A built in expiration date on each of us. You're not paranoid if someone is really out to get you!


Evidently, another criminal organization -- BAYER - is now looking to buy out Monsanto --
and probably important to them all to wipe out the name of "Monsanto" and all its crimes
from public awareness.