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Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-Supported Coup

Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-Supported Coup

Medea Benjamin, Kevin Zeese

An extraordinary chapter in the ongoing saga of Venezuela has been taking place, virtually unnoticed, at the Venezuela Embassy that lies in the heart of swanky Georgetown in Washington DC. A group of us, all activists opposed to the prospect of the Venezuelan opposition taking over the Embassy, have been living inside the building for the past two weeks, working side-by-side with the skeletal Venezuela diplomatic staff that has been told by the State Department that they must leave by April 24.


Excellent news! I admire those brave private citizens who are willing to expose the crimes of their government.

Hoping for success.

The rule of law in the US is, like, totally dead.


“The only other country that has allowed the opposition to take diplomatic premises is Costa Rica.”
Proves our fellow poster Drone, was correct when he/she said Costa Rica was the US’s lap dog.


Isn’t it amazing that Code Pink is doing a much better job of an authentic body than what America says it is. Somehow , if this were a movie, Code Pink would be the REAL State Dept. and that would be who the UN would recognize.

I am tired of hearing the about Government and the mean and ridiculous Monroe Doctrine. Can we please make fun of it?
The next time someone tries to make big deal of the "Monroe Doctrine, " would you all please burst into song after saying "The Monore Doctrine? Then start singing "Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. " I know that sounds looney—but it might get people to laugh the next time the stupid government droid brings up the Monroe
Doctrine…just make it the blond and wonderful movie star Monroe : )

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I tried to post the text below on Facebook from a “postee” I got off of Positive Universe but it was blocked by FB for “violating community standards”:

Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-Supported Coup
Medea Benjamin, Kevin Zeese | common dreams | 2019-04-22

The Embassy Protectors have decorated the Venezuelan Embassy with signs and banners that are giving the Georgetown neighbors a good education. A large banner right above the Venezuelan flag says “End the Deadly Sanctions.” (Photo: Courtesy of the authors)
– with the link to this page


If you want to stay current on the Embassy Protection Collective and what they are up to (they are having GREAT events every night!), check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ColectivosporlaPaz/?modal=admin_todo_tour

If you are not on Facebook, here is a good article from today by Flowers and Zeese: https://countercurrents.org/2019/04/22/solidarity-with-venezuela-now-protect-the-embassy/

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I intend to be in DC tomorrow for an interview about an antiterrorist case I’m involved in. I plan on stopping by the embassy to show my support for the Embassy Protection Collective and the rule of law.
Peace and love,

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The US is out of control and it’s good to hear that brave people are standing up for its victims. It’s just so weird how it can just do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, to whomever it wants, for whatever reasons it pulls out of its giant ass. My relatives were here for a big family reunion, and every single one was onboard with the takeover of Venezuela. They’re all rednecks who really believe the US is the God-appointed, world police. Law be dammed, it’s for the best for all involved if the US takes over whatever it doesn’t like. God doesn’t like socialism, He likes and protects capitalism because He’s all about money, right?! You know, the “root of all kinds of evil.” Yeah, the redneck God of the deep south. Yeah, baby. Taking over nations for Jesus. Riiiiight.

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HI Ana -Rubio-----Facebook has standards? Who knew : )