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Activists Rally Across Globe to Mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women—Calling for End of 'Shadow Pandemic'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/25/activists-rally-across-globe-mark-international-day-elimination-violence-against

Violent crime is the result of the monetary inequalities of our society.
People harming each other, almost exclusively because of money, is disgusting.

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All you are peddling is hatred and misery. Violence, incarceration and stigmatisation against men are no part of a solution to men’s violence which is trained into men by parents, society and the media from the youngest age.

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Not always true by any means. Is incest about money?

The typical victim of male violence is low-income, poorly-educated and… male, not female. Whilst all the facts about the victimisation of women by men are true, they are not the whole story, not even the majority of it. Men assault other men much more than they attack women. In the USA, prison rape by men on men is so extensive (and so ignored or even celebrated) that it has brought the USA’s rape victim gender balance closer to equal than in any other society.

Thanks for your comment.

I made sure to say “almost exclusively because of money”. I did not say always, I do leave the possibility for genuine mental illness.

I believe if you follow the chain of abuse there will be a time where monetary inequality created a situation for inappropriate behavior. This behavior may have begun a hundred generations prior, which in turn can be distorted by numerous factors, such as personality type.

You actually argue this point for me in your comment to @CarolEllison.