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Activists Take Fight Against Dakota Access to Corporate Heads


Activists Take Fight Against Dakota Access to Corporate Heads

Nika Knight, staff writer

Activists from oil-impacted communities around the country are descending on Energy Transfer Partners' corporate offices in Houston, Texas, to protest the company's Dakota Access Pipeline and other controversial pipeline projects.

"Together we press forward, rise, and demand a clean world for future generations in our struggle to survive."
—Yvette Arellano,
Texas Environmental Justice
Advocacy Services


The corporate media continues its blackout of this growing and expanding protest.
Instead of going to Miami with Al Gore perhaps Hillary could find a few hours in her busy schedule to visit these protester in Texas.
Her presence might just make the news and give a morale boost to the protesters.


If Hillary Clinton ever came to support any Green act or demonstration I was involved in, I would have to stop and figure out what we were doing wrong, what in our program was benefiting the Oligarchy (the 0.001%) for that is the only reason she would support anything.


Indigenous Rising!

From teleSUR English:
Colombus Day Rejected in Latin America


Our prayers are with you. We are watching, praying, talking, writing, donating, and prepared to be part of this rising movement of people indigenous and settler, young and old, rich and poor.

We do have only one planet, and unless we stop what we are doing and build the courage and vision to do other things, there will be no 7 generations forward from us.

Stand your ground.