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Activists Target DNC With Swell of Anti-Fracking Action



I wouldn't expect the Democratic Party to put a nationwide ban on fracking in the platform although it could adopt language to phase out fracking. Fracking now accounts for two-thirds of natural gas and natural gas accounts for one-third of electricity. Unless the public is willing to live with rolling brownouts and blackouts or a tremendous increase in coal burning fracking will have to continue for awhile. It should be phased out as solar, wind, and geothermal are phased in. Everyone in the US needs electricity and much of the population needs heating. These needs cannot be ignored by a major political party. You can't have the Republicans saying we will provide you with electricity and the Democrats won't.


The political revolution is here to stay, past the convention and the November election, and hopefully aided by the installation of a new Congress with a number of progressive candidates elected. Our country needs a return to FDR values and an abandonment of neoliberal values.

Half the Democratic party gave Bernie a mandate not only to take the fight to the convention, but well beyond. The center right side of the party had better get used to the new balance of power and be ready to share. Ignoring the political revolution will lead to a split in the Democratic party and probably the emergence of a strong Green party. Hillary's election to Democratic nominee may make that split likely.



The corporations sponsoring the convention determine the REAL platform.


The salient point here is that the mining, combustion and waste disposal of all fossil fuels poison our water, soil and air, degrade environmental and human health, and destroy human communities, while Big Oil, Big Gas and Big Uranium, etc., rake in the profits. We must transition as quickly as possible to the use of solar, tidal, wind and geothermal energy production. The reason that's not happening is that our government (and yes, that includes the EPA) is owned and operated by fossil-fuel producing corporations. The EPA's job isn't to protect human and environmental health -- it's job is to legalize (permit) ecosystem harms by corporate industries. The game is rigged for the financial benefit of the fossil-fuel corporations, folks, and to the detriment of US and all other living things.


Yes!! Thank you!!!!


The Clinton Administration will respect the party platform the same way the U.S. government respected the treaties it signed with the native americans.


Hillary owes the fossil fuel industry big time. Fracking will continue at an accelerated pace if she is elected.

I don't expect her to be elected.


You may possibly be able to get them to put it in their platform but lets face the reality that that is as far as it would ever go with the pro-fracking Democratic Party.


The only time you will hear about the party platform will be when it's negiotated the first day of the convention. Party platforms have never had any binding language, and are long forgotten by Inauguration Day.


And after she ignores the platform, Corporate Clinton will appoint a host of insider, status quo cronies to key posts in her Administration, just as Obama did.


I agree fracking is something we must address for both the environment and efforts to move toward clean alternatives. However, in fairness and reality, is anyone complaining about low gas prices or the extra money remaining in their pocket or purse.


You do know that there have been enormous improvements to the environmental quality of the air, water and land of the USA since the Clean Air and clean Water Acts and the establishment of the EPA, don't you?


California being the best example. Not long ago, on any given day you could not see mount Wilson, (just above Pasadena) now the mountain is visible.


I live right in the epicenter of fracking, and can confirm its impacts are no different than any other kind if oil or gas "boom" development - which to say, it isn't clean and all those brine trucks on the roads are a big impact - but the area remains in far better environment shape than back in the coal mining/steel manufacturing days. Unfortunately, the one thing that cold cut back on all this natural gas development - more, far cleaner, new Gen III nuclear power - is irrationally feared and loathed by the US left even more than fracking, mountaintop removal strip mining, or anything else.


Really?? Try telling that to the people whose homes and farms have been ruined by fracking, whose livestock have sickened and died, and whose property values have plunged to zero. You're obviously ignorant of those facts -- do some research and get a clue!!


If you think LA has improved, you should see Pittsburgh - both the air and the rivers. And, yes, there were dramatic improvements even before most of the steel mills were closed.

But regarding LA and cars, nobody younger than 60 now remembers much choking smell and often visible smoke even just a single car with the engine running used to emit before emissions controls. Not a single improvement was done voluntarily by the car manufacturers - the EPA had to drag them kicking and screaming all the way.

So, while regulatory capture and timidity is indeed a problem in many regulatory agencies, I really have no patience with these "the EPA is just a shill for industry and should be abolished" people..


Although Hillary Clinton does not support a nationwide ban on fracking as Bernie Sanders does the Sierra Club has endorsed Clinton for president.


Good point. Most people throughout the country do not know nor ever seen an, "epicenter of fracking". Also, (not being a fan of mass media or political parties) news coverage focus is always negative (some by design, some by natural human reaction). But, for the most part, improvements in damage retainment and quality control is something the country should be proud of.


While there certainly have been some groundwater impacts to well users, many of the accounts are exaggerated. Oil and gas development in general, not just fracking, is dirty and polluting and reduces property values. Fracking need to be regulated as tightly as is needed to reduce the impacts, and alternatives to natural gas fuel usage need to be developed, but a sweeping ban on the whole practice (various fracking methods have been used in oil/gas wells since the 1930s.) is unrealistic. Cars once polluted an enormous amount too - was there a call to ban them?

What are you doing to reduce your own oil and gas consumption? I pretty much live car-free, and buy my electricity from a wind-based supplier. Winter house temperature is 62F day and 55F night. No, I don't use AC.