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Activists Unfurl 'Exxon Knew, Make Them Pay' Banner Outside Meeting of Fossil Fuel CEOs Steps From UN Climate Summit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/23/activists-unfurl-exxon-knew-make-them-pay-banner-outside-meeting-fossil-fuel-ceos

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Yes, but how? One way may be to boycott all Exxon-Mobile fossil, fuel stations and if that works go after HELL OIL!

There are so many other fossil fuel stations other than eXXon, so drive the extra half mile and use them before giving another penny to eXXon.

Meeting of the thugs in suits at a JP Morgan funded location - how perfectly symbolic and nihilistic.

They won’t stop until the tail of the monkey on our backs is chopped off. Even then… We are likely just plain f _ _ _ ed.
Cars and planes must be re-engineered away from fossil fuel propellants. We are reaching in that direction, but without the needed urgency.

Fossil fuel corporations, corporate polluters, Wall Street banksters have nothing to offer in the way of effective solutions to the climate crisis. They are nothing but a drag on the process, which will move at much faster speed if they are not part of the conversation.