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Actually, Melania, #IReallyDoCare: First Lady's Offensive Jacket Inspires Outpouring of Goodness


Actually, Melania, #IReallyDoCare: First Lady's Offensive Jacket Inspires Outpouring of Goodness

Julia Conley, staff writer

After First Lady Melania Trump drew criticism for wearing a jacket featuring an apathetic message to visit a detention center at the U.S.-Mexico border this week, many have channeled their outrage over the Trump administration's separation of families into helping the thousands of people swept up in President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.


In 2016 the effete ruling structures of “governance” of the US were for all intents and purposed officially turned into machinery by which to usurp, abuse and destroy any possibility of modes of communication serving altruistic, verifiable, documented, contribution to the well being of human beings.

One aspect of fascism, quite apart from its grabbing of absolute possession as institutionalized mandate, is its unbelievable breadth of socio and psychopathology. Because it lays claim to unquestioned position as actor, under the umbrella of “governance”, it reveals precisely how literally ignorant it fast becomes because it posits its exclusionary claim to each and every aspect of process and content. It is once again proving precisely how deaf, dumb and blind the premise renders participants. The tragic thing is, its parameters can be read utterly inaccurately because it usurps everything until nothing is left but the tears.
In the words of Condoleza Rice during her shopping and theater in NYC during Katerina (yes in her book as noted by MSNBC): I can’t believe how tone deaf I was. What was I thinking?
No shit sherlock! Not a word about an entire world of concern - just exemplary narcissism of predatory capitalism DBA USA et al.


I remember when RudeMe Giuliani said that porn stars are terrible people, and I immediately thought that Melania would slap him silly, given that she used to do porn modeling.
I suspect she’s a synthbot, much more wicked than the sweetie in Ex Machina.
I hope her AI programming includes pegging Donald and other ways to make him miserable.


Condomleeza Rice and all the other W war criminals should be in prison.
Obama refused to “look backwards,” and let them all off the hook.
Our democracy is shipwrecked.


Even absent the occasion to which the zeroth lady was traveling, the jacket was inappropriate attire for a first lady to wear, which is why I docked her one point. Mighty MAGnAnimous of me, don’t you think?


It’s hard to believe that Melania was totally apathetic about wearing the coat with the stupid message on the back of it.

I’d bet the Orange Orangutan strongly suggested she wear it, to provide him with some laughs.


Because women can’t decide for themselves to be evil and complicit?


Your analysis of fascism is well researched and spot on !


First of all: She ain’t no lady. And wearing that offensive jacket added insult to injury…


Possibly but this will certainly serve a good distraction–the message is ambiguous.


WOW! This is a message from the elite-----let them eat cake-----this woman is an immigrant herself-no she is not my first lady-don’t defend her------


Perhaps we should be calling Melania Trump, the “First Immigrant.”


Good one! I’m jealous.


We are quickly sliding into a fascist/Nazi moment while the “so-called” progressive voices mealy mouth the whole issue with false logic. The Germans learned that lesson the hard way. Fascist don’t respond to nor are deterred by logic or reason.The Trump cult has, in fact, taken the country to a point of collective suicide.


It’s amazing how many people don’t yet understand how clucking serious and dangerous this Trump situation is. And to those who would “inform” me of all of the ills preceding Trump, thus…yadda yadda yadda. Spare me already. I know all of it.


If my 16 year old had brought this jacket home from a trip to the mall I would have taken it right back and given her a lecture. That a 45+ year old woman would buy it and wear it is unconscionable.


No. It is crystal clear.


What’s the response to this “insult”? Buy a jacket! Get out the vote! (A euphemism for voting for Democrats). Trump is in office because of the Democrats. Capitalism can commodify anything, even the heartbreak of rending families apart.


I still don’t understand how the gaggle of talking heads, especially woman folk, are trying to defend this. That jacket message was cruel to near evil. It is a Stephen Miller message, brain dead. This has stopped being my party. It is not now nor has it been the party of Lincoln for some time. It is a narrow-minded mean little tribe, that tries to blame all its economic misery on “the other” rather than on its own stupidities. From Gramm Leach Bliley to a free for all deregulation of business. Trickle down is simply, rule of the sharks, and scramble for crumbs.


So why did Melania spend just $39 on a jacket w/a statement? This is not going to be kept in her wardrobe. Her stilettos are at least $3-6k a pop. So what’s she doing in a $39 jacket other than taking a jab at her cheating husband. That said, I actually do not believe she was dissing immigrants. I suspect that the jacket was a slam at her unfaithful husband and his philandering: “I really don’t care, Do U [about mine]?”

So where’d she come up w/an idea like this? Bourdain offed himself after girlfriend was photographed getting it on with much younger, much better looking French journalist. They prob argued after he saw the photos. (Asia begged the photographer to please not print them, he did anyway. http://dailycaller.com/2018/06/12/photog-regrets-pic-asia-argento-bourdain/ ) Sometime thereafter, and probably communicating w/Bourdain, Asia posted to her Instagram account a photo of herself in a t-shirt w/inscription “F-ck everyone” w/sketch of Sid Vicious (Bourdain has been referred to as the Sid Vicious of the culinary world) and captioned it at the bottom “you know who you are.” https://people.com/food/asia-argento-cryptic-message-before-anthony-bourdain-suicide/ She removed it after she heard of Bourdain’s actions.

The French investigators said Bourdain’s suicide was an impulsive act – not thought out. Bourdain was probably hurt and angry, they prob argued and the relationship was already floundering. The tox report showed there were no illegal substances (or alcohol) in his system and the odds of Bourdain offing himself in the middle of a job in France seem really, really remote – unless he was devastated by the images of his gal and the French journalist. (not blaming Asia, Bourdain made his own decision)

Melania probably thought she could send her husband a message the same way. She did not wear the jacket in Texas, only in D.C. Doesn’t make it any more palatable. It was silly and childish. Sharing a bed w/Trump (if she actually does) is the price she agreed to pay for a life of luxury. She’s probably more angry about the way it made her look than how she felt.