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Actually, Melania, #IReallyDoCare: First Lady's Offensive Jacket Inspires Outpouring of Goodness


Trump is not in office because of Democrats. He is in office because far too many Americans support his policies and excuse his actions. Is America a country of children who blame others for their decisions? Trump has the highest approval ratings in history among Republicans, even higher than Reagan, even higher than Bush after 9/11. There would be no Trump without his loyal slash rabid followers. It’s not about the Democrat party, anemic and sorry as they may be. It’s about a very large number of unmoored people who believe the worst Democrat (Hillary or Nancy or fill-in-the-blank) is actually worse than Trump. A decent country which brags about its freedom and democracy must accept one simple truth: you voted for him and his party. And in November, you may well do it again. Please don’t resort to surprise or disgust when you’re democracy is irreparably harmed after 2.5 more years of this madness (and it is madness).


That gold digger is a sociopath like her husband and his kids.


Wrong. He’s one of the two most hated candidates in history. He’s in office because Hillary Clinton ran against him and promised more war and wallstreet corruption.


No more dangerous than deporting millions in night raids - Obama. We’re just deciding we don’t like it when the right does it. I’m glad this is waking up the left. Don’t run back to the left when they do the same thing - which they will again when they get in. No more apologists for them. This behavior shouldn’t be tolerated by from anyone.


Melania keeps showing her sociopathy. I don’t think two sociopaths can have a very loving relationship. If you look at her she’s full of plastic. She’s trying hard not to get old and tossed aside. Her husband isn’t required to keep up that kind of maintenance - he doesn’t care how he looks and it shows. I’m pretty sure she’s there for the money and he was there for the looks and there’s not more to it. I bet they can’t stand each other.


Come on.

Where exactly did she promise more war? Trump may say he is more isolationist but his erratic actions and tweets have put the US and the world more at risk of a nuclear war than ever before. Please name the last major war started by a Democrat? You’ll need to return to the 1960’s.

How did she promise more wall street corruption? Trump, McConnell, and Ryan gutted Dodd Frank and gave away hundreds of billions to wall street, corporations, and the super-wealthy. Trump’s family is continuing its business development in countries across the world in violation of the emoluments clause in the constitution. Are you suggesting Hillary would have been worse than that? Sure, she’s no Nader or Sanders but it’s silly to suggest or assume that she would have been more corrupt than the administration in office now. As much as you may dislike or despise Bill, her husband, can you seriously assert that Bill’s administration was more corrupt than Trump’s? Please specifically compare and contrast Bill and Donald.

As for Hillary being hated, do you know how many votes she got in the last election? Hillary got 2.8 million more votes than Trump. She got more votes than Obama or Romney in 2012. She got 10 million more votes than Bush or Gore in 2000. And as a Democrat, she got 15 million more votes than Kerry. Yes lot’s of folks hated her, just like they hated Obama, just like they hated Bill, and so on. Republicans excel at hate. But she also got more support than any other recent candidate except Obama in 2008.

Think forward to the next presidential election. There will be no Hillary to blame. There will just be a country of self-pitying malcontents with a new choice: re-elect an amoral, egocentric, lying sociopath or vote for the Democrat behind door B. With no Hillary to excuse their vote, what do you suppose Americans will choose?


Wow. You need to go vet Hillary. Are you an adult? She did more talks to Wallstreet than her supporters. Look who was backing her! Koch brothers - last seen supporting Hillary, Private prison industry, MASSIVELY HILLARY AND HER BIGGEST DONORS. In every speech she called for a war with Russia, Iran or both by her proposed actions if not outright. Her no fly zone in Syria would have meant a war with Russia and she knew it. Trump - whom delusional Hillary supporters think everyone who doesn’t support their sociopathic war whore must support, even called her on that WWIII thing. I voted Stein and thank God Hillary didn’t get in because of it. We’d have been at war with Iran and Russia already. I’m not impressed with Trump but I still thank the universe that it wasn’t worse - Hillary. Quit voting for the Duopoly. Look at the candidates it came down to! Your post was profoundly uninformed of Hillary’s foreign policy record as secretary of state and her Wallstreet record. She’s friggen Satan along her good friend Kissenger aka the Butcher of Bangledesh. She caused so much carnage and refugees I’m surprised sites like this don’t ban her supporters. VET. That fracking queen is far more toxic and has far more blood on her hands than any candidate who’s run before. HRC and Trump are where the duopoly has led you.


You can take your insinuation that I didn’t speak out against Obama’s immigration policy and that I would “run back to the left when they do the same thing” and shove it.

I am consistent on principle so speak for yourself.

That you can’t see that this Administration is uniquely dangerous makes you an utter fool. THAT is my point.

And you thank the Universe for Trump.

If someone ever sends you to the store to buy apples instead of oranges, then recuse yourself from that task.

Go ahead, have the last word Trump supporter.


I have never been a trump supporter. I am also no Hillary supporter. Flagged as deserved.


Your hyperbolic statements and language say all that needs to be said. Good luck with old age.


It’s exactly about the Democratic Party. Trump didn’t win, Hillary lost. She lost an election nobody could imagine here losing. Hillary was the 2nd most hated candidate in history. People knew what Hillary represented and wanted no more of that. Trump was an unknown quantity. Trump won because HRC couldn’t motivate the “base” to come out and vote in the swing states that, some of which, with her arrogance she didn’t even bother to campaign in. Democratic presidential candidates have always lost if they couldn’t field a candidate that people could get exited about. There was such a candidate in 2016: Bernie Sanders, but the Democratic machine controlled by the neoliberal DNC, did everything underhanded in the book to make sure that didn’t happen. Remember the Podesta emails? In them you will find that HRC did not want to be paired with “moderate” Republican like Jeb Bush (a party favorite) 'cause she thought she could lose to them. Rather the emails expose that Clinton campaign wanted to run against a “Pied Piper” candidate as they described, one of which was Trump. The MSM gave Trump “billions” of free air time because it was very profitable and it aligned with with the desires of a corporate insider par-excellence: Hillary Clinton. Now there was a lot of voter suppression, gerrymandering etc by the GOP which certainly gave the election to Trump. But they always do that (and the Dems never do anything about it, case in point Florida 2000). The Dems would rather lose to DJT than have Sanders win. They are absolutely corrupt. Both parties serve the interests of the unelected tyranny of money.


This is more than a bit circular and silly.

Too many Obama and Dem voters chose Trump over Hillary. Period. And now they must live with the consequences, which were foreseeable.

I agree that HRC was a poor candidate, Bernie would have been better, and that the DNC played dirty tricks. Of course they did, almost every mainstream party candidate does that can. Because so much is at stake. It’s about control of vast wealth and power.

I would also concede that on election day, it was impossible to predict that Trump would be this bad. I certainly thought he would be less erratic, impulsive, undignified, etc. I certainly thought he might have a good idea or two about improving the economy. I was wrong.

All that said, every sane adult voter who leaned liberal and voted for Trump should have known they were voting to put hard right conservatives on the supreme court. Every voter should have known they were voting to reduce their own social security benefits, health care benefits, and education funding. Every voter should have known they were voting for zero action on global warming. Every voter should have known that race relations and crime and punishment were about to get much tougher. And every voter should have known that billions would be handed back to the rich while the military budget would soar and explode the deficit.

Here is the key point and I make it earnestly.

If American liberals do not learn from their mistake, if they turn their nose up at the next Dem nominee in 2020, like they did for Gore as well, because he or she is too this or too that, you will hand the country over to this crude, destructive monster for four more years and the courts over to the hard right for the next 40.

It is a choice. A CHOICE.

Please stop making the perfect the enemy of the good.

The fate of the US as a decent, civilized and functional nation state is at stake.


Oh gawwwwwwd… No,wait, it was Putin that did it! The puppies, the puppies!