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Actually, The Most Insane Thing About 'Stable Genius' Trump May Be His Policies

Actually, The Most Insane Thing About 'Stable Genius' Trump May Be His Policies

Will Bunch

The portrait of presidential inadequacy that should have been clear from the very first moment that orange hurricane of hair descended the Trump Tower escalators in June 2015 has now come into full, horrifying focus.

A worker removes oil from the sand at Refugio State Beach in the Santa Barbara Channel, north of Goleta, Calif., one month after a massive oil spill in May 2015. The Trump administration has moved to vastly expand offshore drilling from the Atlantic to the Arctic oceans with a plan that would open up federal waters off the California coast for the first time in more than three decades. (Photo: Jae C. Hong/ Associated Press)

Did someone say that a Bomb was dropped on the White House when the entire Republican Congress was over for dinner?

Oh, I’m sorry, I guess I was just dreaming.


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My ideological bent on the difference between our two main political parties goes like this:
In order to represent a majority, the democratic party must fine tune policy to serve some fair proportion of conservatives who vote republican, mostly those who hold moderate views. Admittedly, this is a centrist view. The republican party, ideologically aligned with individual liberty, isn’t predisposed to represent or serve the needs of even a majority of republican voters. Elected republicans become “deciders” - so said another idiot president George W Bush - endowed with the liberty to serve corporate interests ahead of all others and run government like a business for individuals who operate big businesses, those which hire hundreds and thousands of employees and have the potential to bankrupt or absorb small businesses.

Simply put he doesn’t have “Policies” … he has Hissy Fits.

If I did not know Trump and he told me he was a stable genius I would probably say to myself, Yeah this poor guy is so dumb, cleaning horse stables is probably the only job he is qualified for!

I personally wouldn’t trust him around my horse.

Or the stable.

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