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Actually, Yes It Could Happen Here: When Nazis Came to New York

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/12/actually-yes-it-could-happen-here-when-nazis-came-new-york

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Fascism, authoritarianism and Christianity are a bad, bad mix. It is being repeated again and again around our world, happening everyday under the false label, ‘centrist politics’.
Exercise your right - do not support this abominable, anti human savagery dressed up as god’s will. Pay close attention when Jesus, Yahweh and Mohammed are obediently followed with numerous corruptions, including state violence, undemocratic power, hatred and militarization. All this while they bow their heads in prayer yet enable corruption. Capitalism is god’s will, they say. So is poverty. Wealthy elites are entitled and chosen by god to rule and dominate. Women are to serve men. Members of governments are practicing and spreading this.
Recommend Netflix’s The Family as a worthwhile doc about the cult of Jesus invisibly working in the corridors of power in DC and globally. Dangerous and sick. They rule.


It’s “very important” to understand how America arrived at this point in history.

A ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Mr. Phillips

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Its all one big super rich paedo mafia.

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Now might be a good time for you to read or revisit “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer so that you understand the mindset of what it is we are dealing with. It is a short little book that will grow your brain to the degree it will no longer fit inside your skull. In other words make you intelligent. Peace.

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It was more than a rally.
Read about Eugenics and learn how the Nazis used US race law and science as a model to formulate their own legal ideas of ubermensch.

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“…‘most humans have dark passions inside us, waiting to be stirred up.’”

Apolitical and ahistorical.

So much to recall and explore. The past should not be lost on analyzing and diverting this dark path.
Democracy Now great interview:

The interview intimates “A night in the garden” may have been something Fred (Daddy)Trump attended.
As for eugenics, as my mother was reaching the end of her days a decade ago she charged me with caring and “keeping a close eye” on her elderly neighbor. He was being neglected by his family and needed an advocate after adult protective services removed him from the home.
I learned he was from Kirksville MO, just about ground zero for the eugenics movement in America. He was a very gentle person, more likely due to age and dependence, a scholar and ordained Protestant minister. We became good friends but I could feel the undercurrent. He was a sickly child and would have been a weakling to be disposed of if not for his mother’s intervention. I believe his father was steeped in the eugenics philosophy. Despite being a target, my friend had internalized that same ugly philosophy and expressed it in his treatment of others and our conversations. He’s dead now and I pray other adherence of eugenics thought will leave this world soon.

When I was working in Germany three decades after Hitler’s death a significant minority of Germans still loved Hitler, their only complaint being that he lost World War II.

Those Germans were part of Hitler’s cult, just like a significant minority of Murkins are part of Trump’s (actually the GOP’s) cult and will never stop worshipping the leader of their cult.

You can bet that no matter how much Trump, Sonny Perdue and other GOP operatives denigrate the farmers they are terrorizing with tariffs, those farmers will support the GOP even after they lose their farms and are living under bridges.

Exactly…my niece escaped and is still recovering from a religious cult and marriage within that sect. It is possible to escape the brain washing but there needs to be an impetus to compel them away from the grip of a cult’s influence. Of course some may never escape and the damage can linger all their lives.

It was more than a rally

Indeed. Right around the time of the rally, an organization called America First came into being. Ostensibly an isolationist group advocating that the US not get involved in the incipient world war, America First was quickly infiltrated by Nazi German intelligence, which of course tried to reinforce the isolationist stance to keep America out of the war.

A top America First spokesman was famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, who had visited Nazi Germany in 1936 and had been decorated by Hermann Goering, and who with his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh were well-known fascists of the time. (Woody Guthrie’s scathing song “Lindbergh” is a great summary of this activity.) America First folded soon after America’s entry into World War Two in December 1941, yet Lindbergh still tried to minimize the German threat and deflect attention to the “yellow peril” posed by Japan.

So, when on the 2016 campaign trail Trump announced his foreign policy initiative was “America First,” I was immediately wary because this nativist trope has reared its ugly head several times previously, and not just around the time of the German-American Bund’s 1939 rally.

And, yes, the Nazis looked to the American eugenics movement for inspiration, and it wasn’t just eugenics. Hitler’s Mein Kampf cited Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic tract The International Jew as inspiration for his own anti-Semitism. Ford’s company supplied Nazi Germany before and during the war along with a host of other companies including Standard Oil, ITT, General Motors, and the Chase bank, whose branch in Nazi-occupied Paris continued to file its monthly status reports to Manhattan headquarters. After the war, it was back to business as usual.

But more disturbingly, the US and its Western allies enlisted Nazi intelligence figures including Reinhard Gehlen, Klaus Barbie, and Otto Skorzeny (“Hitler’s Commando”) to now combat erstwhile ally the Soviet Union during the Cold War; as CIA officer Harry Rositzke noted, “We knew what we were doing. It was a visceral business of using any bastard as long as he was anti-communist.” They also harvested the Nazi German rocket scientists and engineers, including Wernher von Braun, to jump-start NASA during the “space race” with the Soviets. (And Tom Lehrer had a wry song about von Braun.)

And lest this seem like dry history: In 2017, Trump went to Alabama, ostensibly to campaign for Luther Strange against Roy Moore, but he wound up spewing bile about NFL players like Colin Kaepernick “taking the knee,” early exposure of his noxious racism. He was in the city of Huntsville, a NASA company town. The auditorium in which he gave this screed was named for von Braun. America First.

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