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Adam Schiff Raises Alarm Over DNI's Refusal to Turn Over Whistleblower's Complaint, Suggests Trump Is Behind Suppression

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/18/adam-schiff-raises-alarm-over-dnis-refusal-turn-over-whistleblowers-complaint

We know what the hell is going on here - We’re being rushed into Fascism and the “Democrat” leadership isnt doing a damn thing to stop it. In fact they appear to be complicit, even partners.

THen we will hear Pelosi’s Condoleezza Rice moment “who could have imagined…”


We’re in the middle of a hostile takeover of the federal government by Trump, McConnell, and the GOP.
Pelosi and Schumer, along with all the Dem presidential candidates, the media, and the American people need to make it a priority to impeach, indict, remove Trump and his entire gang.
We can’t allow Trump’s blatant criminality to continue.


I think you are on the right track Phred. Remember the play books first page denotes how Moscow Mitch played the democrats with a SCOTUS appointment.
Now after a “Family Circle” trip around the neighborhood we end up one after another instance of coverup.
This warrants a RICO investigation imho.


“You don’t know what the hell is going on”? Everyone else does! Trump is going on and breaking the law every day. If he is forced to follow the law, then the US is finished as a true democracy where the law, not an elite govern.


“As Daniel Drezner, a professor of international affairs at Tufts University, put it on Twitter: “I really want to know what the hell is going on here.””

This statement is bull-shit! Anyone with a brain can see what is going on. Do they really think we are that stupid? It is a c.y.a. statement, so are the others that claim such claims.

Our Republic has become an open sewer, all the greasy, slimy fat has risen to the top. It is even more disgusting that Warren is the only one throwing horseshoes and she isn’t even close to the pole. We need a ringer, dammit!


WHEN THE ORANGE CHEATO IS NO LONGER IN THE WH, ASAP IN MHO, then let’s declare that everything done since 19 Jan 2017 is NULL & VOID!! Because he refused to obey the anti-emoulument clause in the Constitution from Day One. Let’s also charge the GOP with being a domestic terroristic RICO organization, on a par with the Mafia!!


David, the damnocrats you mentioned aren’t about to do anything “against their own interests”, nor will the corporate media help. It is up to the american people to wake up from their collective coma and, with numbers, FORCE your aforementioned paid, “career” congress people to do what is best for “We the People”. BUT…how has that worked for the last forty years?

Forgive my cynicism but after seventy+ years on the planet in this illusion-based country, I can’t share your well-intentioned hopes…


Absolutely right! How long do we have to keep sounding the alarms?!


Don’t fret progressives! Adam Schiff is on the case.
The same Adam Schiff who still waiting for his testicles to drop?


Seems like, the shit is hitting the fan almost every day now.


The United States is in very serious trouble. Why is there no one ready to put themself on the line to do the necessary to bring Trump down. I thought Americans loved their country; but I’m beginning to believe they couldn’t care less. Or perhaps Americans are just plain stupid and lazy. But you better damn well do something about this serious crisis, and now!


Nancy Pelosi will calm everything down. The Queen on Trump’s chess board. She loves her Trump.


I’m surprised there is anyone left with the courage to blow the whistle after we saw how Obama dealt with whistle blowers.


There is no doubt about it. Corporate State Democrats are important allies of Trump and the Republicans. This country is so far down the road to fascism it is just incredible.

Who can we thank? Well, Republicans and the advent of “third way” DLC corporate servicing Democrats.

Soon someone will come along and tell me that I’m stuck in the 90s or some such nonsense.


The DC Washington Post has posted a story about 70 minutes ago. Sketchy details so far.
Two sources = former
HMMMMM, One is an intel person who rotated out of the white house
The report was filed August 12, 2019 and concerns phone call with a foreign leader.
CNN Cuomo had their intel panelist on and he blew up against the intel person. Intel is to watch china, iran, russia, not the president of USA. Further, the prez is rumored to have made a ‘promise’ to some foreign leader that upset the intel person.

IG provided to Director of Nat’l Intel who retained for two weeks. Then another seven days - although I may have that wrong. The IG apparently let congress know about this matter.

There will be more rumors, leaks over night as DC drinking parties wind down.

Many point to Putin, but we will see.
Maybe firing John Bolton is the promise.
Intel IG will brief house committee members tomorrow behind closed doors. So, Shiff will be on TV before supper and provide us the juicy details. Hopefully, this is a small matter.

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If Donald J. Trump was a peace officer he would have been put on administrative leave early on. imo

With Johnny Bolton bolted out
I will not sadly pout
No worry to go and Iran rout
A prez does have the peace clout

I almost laughed when I read “What the hell is going on here.” That is one of the biggest understatements,(questions), of this administration.
Most inquisitive people have been asking this all along.


Pelosi will have none of it. She protected torturers and mass murderers of the Bush Administration, as did Obama and Feinstein (you know, the leader of the “investigation into torture”). Protecting a fascist in office just comes natural for the Dark Queen on Trump’s chessboard.

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