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Adam Schiff Ripped as 'Biggest Hypocrite in Congress' for Undermining Effort to Curb FBI Spy Powers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/adam-schiff-ripped-biggest-hypocrite-congress-undermining-effort-curb-fbi-spy-powers

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DINO Schiff has served the Democratic Establishment admirably, the American People, not so much.


Once you acknowledge that Dims are simply woke Cons with the same donors, this action is not only understandable, but predictable.


Same as it always was.

Schiff is on the hook for several violations of Congressional rules and possibly federal laws; when he ran ( railroaded ) the disastrous and worthless attempt at impeachment of Trump.
He’s the Dims Newt Gingrich, as big a phony and loathsome patriot as they come, as well. Yuck!
Russiagate is now considered an attempt by some Democrats and some of The Alphabets to pull off a political bamboozle, if not a coup.
He’s paying the price ( payback indeed ) for his getting away with this treachery; these crimes on the American people, by monkeywrenching this popular and necessary legislation.
Schiff is an Animal Farm pig in a lot more ways that you might imagine. Trumpians obviously depise him, but other voices do, too. They are not amused by his treachery, his chicanery.
Schiff is possibly a criminal, and his undeserved chairman’s hat, should be knocked off his swollen and twisted head.
His arrogance and hoodwinking are another reason not to be in the Democratic Party goon squad.


Schiff is the epitome of everything wrong with the Democratic Party.
And the Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer cartel wonders why progressives go
elsewhere. AOC for president.


Schiff, like every other professional politician, is about one thing - power. In his case, he’s just a little worse than most of them at hiding it.


Nancy’s right hand man strikes again.
How long, oh lord, how long…


Feel free to attack me, but it’s worth mentioning that in recent days I’ve seen numerous commenters at leftie blog sites advocating for voting Trump in November to punish the Democrats.

Personally, I’m not there yet, but every time the d-party offers me another shot of their corrupt/feckless cocktail with a corporate money chaser, I get closer to last call.

Cutting off their noses to spite their face. LOL.

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Any “leftie” who votes for Trump is literally a social fascist.

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A good outcome. A team vote of Trumpies and progressives against an out of control domestic spying system.

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“Punish” ??

When Trump wins, all of the DP establishment employees - the thinktankers, the speech writers, the lobbyists, etc. - will retain their jobs and six-figure incomes, the Hillary-Obama family will still run the DP, Pelosi will still be Speaker, and Pelosi will still get to blame Trump when she blocks progressive legislation. If Trump wins, the DP establishment loses nothing, and they they get no blame for the problems to come. How is that punishment?

The only way to punish the DP establishment is to elect Greens and third party candidates. A Green Party Senator from Maine, which uses ranked choice voting, would be a delightful tack on Schumer’s chair in a closely divided Senate. That’s punishment!

Website: ~www.LisaforMaine.org


I think it is pretty plain why Trump would want the investigative powers of the FBI nullified. Trump hopes he can avoid being investigated and prosecuted if he loses the elections.
I think it is pretty plain why Trump would want the FBI strong enough to investigate spying and corruption at the highest levels of government too.
I do not believe the FBI is interested in eve dropping on your old divorced uncle’s phone calls to his mistress or any other mundane normal citizen stuff.

Big Brother’s little helper


I’ll take that bait.
How has voting for Democrats paid off for the left over the last 40 years?

The last two Democratic presidents were conservatives who presided over passing Republican legislation as their signature achievements. Tell me where I’m wrong.


you misunderstand–Schiff is a loyal hard working member of the national security state --ready to go their bidding without reflection on the mendacity of it’s policies --any time --any where–just follow the money


not only are you not wrong–you have the analysis perfected–this has been the state of the Democrats since the 60’s when they doubled down on state power and forgot their antecedents


Anyone who thinks either side of our corrupt and incompetent political duopoly is looking out for us hasn’t been paying attention for a very long time.

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Even if Shifty were taken down, there are always others waiting in the wings to fill the void.

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