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#AdaptAndResist: More Than 200 Protesters Demand Senators Reject Graham-Cassidy


#AdaptAndResist: More Than 200 Protesters Demand Senators Reject Graham-Cassidy

Julia Conley, staff writer

More than 200 members of the disability rights group ADAPT forced lawmakers to delay their hearing on the latest Republican attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Monday. Protesters started lining up outside the hearing room in the Dirksen Senate Office Building at 6:00am; the hearing was not scheduled to begin until 2:00pm.

The Graham-Cassidy hearing is the hottest ticket in town, in one video: pic.twitter.com/y4prO1DA5C


Police state pure and simple!
But we knew that all along…

It must take a very low type of person to serve in that kind of police force. What are they going to tell their kids, when they get home tonight?
“Be proud of me, I participated in the arrest of a number of disabled people in wheel chairs”.

I am sure their 10 year olds will brag to their friends about their hero dad; - or not!


Only in this business-run country will you see disabled people bravely fighting for their health care not to be taken away. What a sick and disgusting job most of our politicians do fighting for the less fortunate.


Improved Medicare For All! What these Right wing creatures are aiming is to be the new “royalty” in the US where only they (including all those democrats who have not signed on to Improved Medicare For All) have the right to quality healthcare and a substantial income. The rest of us can just work multiple jobs that can’t be off shored until we drop dead. What a spectacle for the world to see a nation that has unlimited funds extracted from the plebeians (that’s us) for limitless wars and tax breaks for the wealthy while disabled people get arrested for wanting to have health care. This is pure perversion.


Porcine Texas R’Con congress-member blames female Senators for defeat of the trump/R’Con’s criminal health-care charade bill’s multiple defeats…the extremist anti-woman, anti reality, shithead represents the other R’Con swine perfectly!

In another rant, the trump regimes WH mouthpiece & professional liar, sarah huckabee sanders, that loathsome female version of farenthold, is an odious disgrace in her own right, serving as official female apologist for the trump regimes misogynists!


Amen to that one —


Butch Cassidy and Sundance Graham are heading for their last showdown.


Wait a minute; restricting access for disabled people is a clear violation of ADA laws, yes?
Methinks the wrong folks were arrested.


oooops!!! wrong thread…cluck cluck cluck!


Well doesn’t that sum it up!! Thank you !!


Adapt and various other groups that advocate for health care and equal rights have contributed a great deal to this debate and over the years have been instrumental in establishing a right to health care. People in other countries find it hard to believe how we treat citizens in this country. Thanks to each and everyone of them.


Wow, those Capital police are some real bad a$$es. Arresting disabled people in wheelchairs trying to protect their lives and healthcare. Here’s a suggestion, find a real job lowlifes.