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Add Nov. 9 to the Mornings I’d Rather Forget


Add Nov. 9 to the Mornings I’d Rather Forget

Michael Winship

I would just as soon forget the morning after my father was nearly killed in a car accident and I heard my sister in her bedroom cry out as our mother told her.

I would just as soon forget the morning after my father’s store burned to the ground, set ablaze after someone living next door to it fell asleep smoking.

Or the morning the pay phone on my college dormitory floor rang and it was my mother telling me my father had died.


Good grief! Does anyone believe the wackos who put Bush in the White house for eight years suddenly discovered inner sanity, soothed by the maleloquence of our fearless leader? No, racism, greed and corruption are alive and well in the Homeland on the Hill.


... I too was not far from the Dakota (81st and central Park West) when John Lennon was shot, and I too made my way down to pay homage in the rain. I was also living in NYC when Ronald Reagan came on the scene. We had recently come out of the politically vibrant sixties and were sleepwalking through the seventies trying to decide which fork in the road to take. The 'ol silent majority came to the fore and decided that we were going Right. WTF, I recall wondering, incredulously, as I too inhabited a city that voted overwhelmingly blue . I began battling them then, and I still rail against that red tide even today...
... Damn, its been a long uphill slog...



This an article as to how a DNC staffer walked out of a meeting headed by Donna Brazile in disgust after pointing out it was her and the rest of the DNC that lead to this defeat. This staffer "gets it".

The DNC does not yet get it, nor do any of the people here who condem those that did not vote or voted green be it the readers or the peoples writing these "The end of America" type articles. Winship was one of those lesser of two evil type voices. His comfort at the fact that New York went so heavily for Clinton suggests he really had no problems with the DNC's corruption or with Hillary's own corruption and promotion of wars and coups the world over and Corporatism. Frankly a true progressive should be disgusted that so many voted in favor of Clinton just as they should be disgusted that so many voted Trump.

This problem with the system and the establishment does not go away if a Republican President or with a Democratic President. It is entrenched and the way to get away from it is to promote true alternatives,

Mr Winship does not gety it.


I too lived there through Raegan and Bush senior and what was so pronounced was the explosion of homelessness under Raegan. I also lived near a mosque and had to paint over racist graffiti remarks near this mosque. Also, did my share of battling there too. And continue in the same mold here in Vermont. Had my first taste today of the mixed political tendencies--a white woman, 50's, well dressed, husband waiting in their gas guzzler came over to harass me wanting to know if I was a 'patriot', I told her I was a socialist--that did not go over very well but plenty people were supportive. I could not help thinking of the many people who have had to face much worse and this only strengthens my resolve. Keep on keeping on...solidarity!


“Don’t mourn, organize.” What a great quote to start the day. All of the hand-wringing that liberals and progressives are doing this week pales in comparison to Joe Hill standing before a firing squad on trumped-up charges. We need to remember that when Hitler was consolidating his power the first people he put into the concentration camps were not the liberals or the intellectuals but the tough-minded trade unionists and anarcho-syndicalists. They were organized and were willing to knock heads with the Brown Shirts in the streets. Thank you Joe Hill for reminding us of what our task is today.


The election was another reminder that a large percentage of Americans are anti-intellectual and intolerant. The US is not completely full of people such as those in the three west coast states where Hillary Clinton won by amazing margins. The problem was she did not do well in places that call themselves the real America. But those places aren't any more the real America than anywhere else. It is all the real America. But these Trump supporters still have not accepted all the changes that have taken place in America. They continue to hold on to a 1950s version of America and will not give up the dream of returning to that version. They want the Ozzie and Harriet America, the Farther Knows Best America, the America where blacks on TV were portrayed as blacks on Amos and Andy. Where the stars of the NBA were all white. This was the America of Donald Trump's childhood. He seems to want to lead his supporters back to his childhood America.


What BS-----Michael Moore explained this on Morning Joe-Obama came to Flint and drank the water and said it was OK to drink and left----Donna Brazil gave Clinton a question on Flint in advance of a debate with Sanders.

Glen Greewald outlined exactly why Clinton lost on Democracy Now.

Bernie Sanders told people that Clinton was a bad candidate for change.

And as Moore pointed out these people"the deplorable's" supported Obama in 08 and 12???????

The democrats lost this election in 09 and 10-----they could control both houses of Congress today if they cared about the people and not corporate interests.

Hillary Clinton was attending fundraisers in Oct----Trump was out holding rallies ????

Obama still supported TPP even when Clinton realized how toxic this issue was----talk about clueless??????


... Immediately after the election I spent the entire day going over dozens of articles trying get a pulse on the most cogent, collective analysis I could gather from the all more credible pundits who have been at this game for years. I collected about a dozen that pretty much all focused on a similar theme;

... Your average voter has watched their standard of living erode for years, and are absolutely certain that the governing elite is not focused -and does not care- about their plight. They see good jobs going away, and are actually told -quite honestly by politicians- that those jobs are never coming back. One study actually shows that the average lifespan of the poor, white, male, 45 - 55 has -surprisingly- declined in recent years (due to the very real anxiety as a result of this new reality they face), while the same lifespan is in fact 'increasing,' with that more wealthy, parallel demographic...

... To these voters, Hillary represents the professional elite in the country who has helped to bring these circumstances about, and they can only conclude that she will continue on a similar trajectory if elected president. Donald Trump was the only 'non-politician' in the mix who was actually talking about the suffering of the American working stiff, as a result of these egregious trade deals. You can criticize the racist, misogynist, hate filled voter who helped to sway an election -and I will join you in that chorus- but most of these voters are simply not that. They are afraid, they are afraid for their lives and their future. And democratic politicians are as equally to blame for this place the country finds itself, as conservative, republicans are...

... Here is a Vincent Bevins quote, where he was trying to share his own perspective as to why the Brexit vote went the way it did (and possible parallels with our own election);

"... Since the 1980s the elites in rich countries have overplayed their hand, taking all the gains for themselves and just covering their ears when anyone else talks, and now they are watching in horror as voters revolt. It seems in both cases (Trumpism and Brexit), many voters are motivated not so much by whether they think the projects will actually work, but more by their desire to say F*CK YOU to people like me (and probably you)..."

... Probably a very cathartic response, considering all that they have been going through, for these past, many years...


I can't imagine feeling that much better if Hil had won.


"In my lifetime, we’ve managed to survive Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and two Bushes in the White House. Trump has an excellent chance at being worse than all of them combined. We’ll see. It’s going to be challenging and often frightening."

Let's also say that the country has also survived the likes of LBJ, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama in the White House--money grubbing sell-outs to organized money and that (had she wopn) Queen Hilary would have had an excellent chance at being worse than all of them combined.

"I fear there will be plenty more terrible mornings ahead. But as Joe Hill said, “Don’t mourn, organize.” And so we shall."

Mobs chanting "not my president" on the streets of major American cities is not organizing--it's partisan political cry babying.

You had a chance to sell your queen to the voting public of the US running against the most obtuse and oafish opponent imaginable AND YOU LOST. Deal with that, Michael.

You lost the White House, both houses of Congress, the governor's offices of 30 states, and now you and all of your media change agents need to busy yourselves wiping the egg off of your collective faces instead of whining about how bad it all is.

You pissed and moaned when the Donald said that he didn't know if he would accept the results of the US election if he lost. Now you are showing yourselves to be cut out of the same bolt of cloth that Republican partisans are. There is a curse on both of your houses (and the nation) that will not relent until you repent of your corruption and hypocrisy.