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'Adding Insult to Homicide,' Cleveland Wants $500 for EMS Services for Tamir Rice


'Adding Insult to Homicide,' Cleveland Wants $500 for EMS Services for Tamir Rice

Jon Queally, staff writer

Renewed outraged has been stirred by revelations that the city of Cleveland has attempted to extract a $500 payment from the family of Tamir Rice for EMS services provided when the 12-year-old boy was fatally shot by police officers in 2014 while he played in a local park.

As Vince Grzegorek reported Wednesday for the Cleveland Scene:


Normally I would fly into a verbal rage, but I find myself being left with a sense of hopelessness.


At least in the PRC (IOW China), all the family has to pay is the cost of the bullet(s) used in execution. C'mon Cleveland, you can do better than the PRC can't you?!!


How unbelievably "tone deaf" can a government get? Unbelievable!

I apologize to Tamir Rice's family, on behalf of myself, millions of other human beings, and (bureaucratic, civic, political and corporate entities TBD).


Not buying "majority," but then, it doesn't have to be, does it?

One of the encapsulating quotes (for me) of the American narrative was by a (first) Gilded Age robber baron (Frick, maybe?): "I can always pay half of the working class to kill the other half."


These bastards in police uniforms no longer call for an ambulance, instead they stand around their victims and watch them bleed out. Outrageous!


Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds. The arrogance is breathtaking.


This is horrid, of course. However...... we are just looking at another example of privatization, handing out necessary tasks which should be done collectively by society, to companies that care for nothing than profit. In California people but fire fighting service for their homes, and people without that service get no protection because the Fire Departments are not funded sufficiently. So, we cannot necessarily blame the City. An ambulance call was made, one came, and the victim was carried off. The trouble, of course, is there is no money in a city budget for ambulance services. The sensible change is to move all the ambulances services into the Fire Department, and provide funds that pay for that. Or create a volunteer ambulance service in neighborhoods. When I was a kid, I lived in a town with a totally volunteer fire department. Tax money did pay for the hardware, but citizens were called out, and they served (for no pay, but they did get to go to nice parties. When everything is turned into a profit-making business, lots of things that need to be done will never happen. Socialism does work, if you think about it. On the other hand, folks making $6/hour cannot operate well, no matter what.


Say What!?

This is an example of contemptible RepubliCon management style, profits above all else (similar to the same outrage that brought lead contamination and cover-up to Flint by a RepubliCon swine) shifting public costs from government (defunded by one-way tax-cuts overwhelmingly benefiting the uber-wealthy) to average citizens, home-owners, fees and fines, seniors and the most vulnerable in our society.This evil makes government and cities pay their own way while the greedy-rich and their political co-conspirators live lives of obscene luxury, avoiding fair progressive taxation along with corporate criminals! Society must be funded by those that derive the most benefit/profit, NOT the most vulnerable! BS!


i am sending throat cancer to the officials responsible !


my hope would be that the local media, newspaper, radio--something, someone--will have a heart and shine a light on this egregious act, sending the offender(s) back to their dark place--with the bill; that, or the hope that the light someone does shine might be bright enough to bring about some semblance of reason, of empathy. ?
I know; too much to hope for. incredible. not unlike Flint sending out cut-off notices to those who refuse to pay their toxic water bill.


Andrew, that statement is just absurd on the face of it. Are you really that jaded?


in all fairness, it is, unfortunately, part of our deep-seated indoctrination, and I dare to offer that the concept of the "original sin" has been a driving force which has fueled that perception. it certainly bodes well for those who have relentlessly used it as an effective divide-and-conquer tool. additionally, a market economy has served to augment and perpetuate the mindset, as corruption and control is inherent in that system.
just recently a close friend of mind mentioned that her son, a freshman in college, told her that one of his instructors believes humans are intrinsically bad. I gather this instructor made such a compelling case that her son adopted the same belief.
certainly, I don't agree, but it's not surprising that many have been conditioned to believe it.


Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens in the oPt (Occupied Palestinian Territories) all the time. And Yes, Cleveland Deputy Police Chief Prioleau Green trained in Israel.

This is a big reason why Palestinians are always sympathetic to victims of racism in this country.

The next thing we might expect is that the bodies of people killed by police won't be released to the family.


Can fascist, racist amerika top this sick action? The dying empire will do something worse; but, sooner the empire falls, the better!


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Him and the entire police department, and city of Cleveland.