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Adding Insult to the 'Injury of Colonialism,' Trump Suggested Selling Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria, Former Advisor Says

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/12/adding-insult-injury-colonialism-trump-suggested-selling-puerto-rico-after-hurricane


Humanity is a transaction with Donald.


For capitalism in general.


This might be an opportunity for the people of Puerto Rico to escape the yoke of the USA.


“The road to legal equality for Puerto Rico runs through statehood, which would protect the island from the colonial whims of a madman like Donald Trump,”

OR, Puerto Rico can just declare its independence and give the finger at their long-time colonizers.


Well, then, can we terminally divest this mass murderer?


“Can we can we sell the island? You know, or divest of that asset?”

Yeah you manic, and then you can sell my state Alaska back to Russia for a huge profit, after all, Seward bought Alaska from Russia for only $7,200,000.00 Just imagine the profits to be made!


And he sold his humanity to Satan at birth.


His Daddy did, and now The Prince of Lies is wondering how to impose the fine print of the contract. In all the good morality tales of deals between Satan and a human, there’s always a way to squash the deal. As for Alaska…oy, you know someone from NSA reads these posts, and that someone wants a raise. He’ll eagerly suggest this idea as a way for Trump to get funds from Putin.
Everything in a capitalist culture has a price. And someone willing to buy it. Let’s not be too sure in these wild days that Trump won’t sell Puerto Rico to get in good with his Base.


Insults and oppression for the people of Puerto Rico, from Orangeman all the way over to that arch-phony Lin Manuel Miranda, never stop. Now that a hurricane has been leveraged to torture the people some more, here comes a deadly pandemic oppressors wield to destroy that island.

I can’t even find COVID-19 testing statistics for Puerto Rico, as if colonial subjects don’t matter.

Statehood? Why would any people want to be part of USA anymore? The only path to dignity for Puerto Ricans is full autonomy: Independent Countryhood, aka simple justice, at long last.


We already did.

In 1898, when Spain was kicked out, Puerto Ricans established an independent government. The US invaded, seized control, and killed those who resisted. In 1937, Nationalist led a large independence rally in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The US backed Puerto Rican police opened up with live fire on the demonstration and massacred 19 unarmed civilians. In 1950, Puerto Ricans launched independence revolts in Ponce, Mayagüez, Naranjito, Arecibo, Utuado, San Juan,and Jayuya. US military used the Puerto Rican National Guard to aerially bomb the town of Jayuya. The US than rounded up and jailed independence leaders for decades. In towns, such as Utuado, the US backed Puerto Rican police summarily executed independence leaders. In response to the massacre of Puerto Ricans, Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola led an armed attack on the heinoius war criminal president Harry Truman. Later, in 1954 Lolita Lebron led Rafael Cancel Miranda, Irvin Flores, Andres Figueroa Cordero in an armed attack on the US congress. All were declare inhuman terrorists and jailed for decades.

To this day, many Puerto Ricans who support independence, or who express support for the past independence actions I cited, have extensive FBI files.

Now, in the wake of the BLM protests, I am finding the backlash, of white conservatives, moderates, liberals, and even some self-described ‘progressives’, in response to folk of color identifying White Supremacist nature of the US, worse than ever. And, even though we have second class citizenship, if we are stopped by ICE without documentation that they accept we can be(and some have been) deported to Mexico. I don’t expect anything but more adversity for Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans.


There is no level of power higher than the sovereign state , so America has no right to force another country to sell its land.

Puerto Rico , an island in the Caribbean Sea, has been a territory of the United States since 1898, after the U.S. defeated Spain in the Spanish-American war. It’s classified as an “unincorporated territory ,” meaning the island is controlled by the U.S. government but is separate from the mainland.

There are some similarities between Puerto Rico and Hong Kong but also some very significant differences.


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Thanks for that revealing post. I was not aware of many of the events you described as to what happened in Puerto Rico but am not in the least bit surprised. It not that I never cared enough to review the US history in Puerto Rico . It more that the crimes the USA has committed against other peoples and Countries are so extensive one can never be aware of them all. It just never ending.


When will the United States stop nominating senile people?

I bet Russia or China would pay a pretty penny for it. Or maybe if we unfroze Iran’s assets, they’d like it. Saudi Arabia would probably like to have a tropical paradise. Sotheby’s is chomping at the bit.

I hereby humbly request that Trump sell my state, Michigan, to Canada.

We’re already connected by three bridges and two tunnels. Piece of cake.


I was thinking Cuba makes the most sense… !

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Great comment, I’m just curious why you refer to Lin Manuel Miranda as an arch-phony?

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They are available at both
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(they are handled in the same way as states in both cases)


Other and our own people, they just hide the ones against us.