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Adding Insult to the 'Injury of Colonialism,' Trump Suggested Selling Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria, Former Advisor Says

Thank you for educating me about this tragic history of Puerto Rico, which in over 20 years of schooling I never heard. I welcome any books and resources you recommend to learn more.

My father was stationed for two years on the island during WWII as a Army-AF radio operator, often by himself in a quonset hut a rocky hillside higher than the tops of palm trees for two and three weeks at a time, relaying Morse-coded intelligence and messages between the European front and generals in DC. He loved Puerto Rico’s people and their joy, music, culture and land. As we grew up he often shared his nostalgia and yearning to return there.


Until they created a functional socialist democracy and rebuilt their infrastructure at any rate.
At which point America would declare them the greatest threat on earth and promptly overthrow their government, bomb their cities and/or invade.


Once the border crossings to Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin were set up ( and properly closed off to all non-essential traffic ) a month or so of quarrentine and lockdown would be needed before access by those three bridges and two tunnels could be opened. Given that implementing Canada’s socialized medicine will lead to some very heavy and rabid and ridiculous claims for punitive damages by the healthcare industry under the rules of the current free trade agreement, I would be surprised if a price for Michigan that is agreeable to both sides would be reached.

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Why not Venezuela or the Dominican Republic?

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Thanks for the history. I have been a long time supporter of PR’s independence.


Italy was about to go communist when US America interfered. I spent my childhood in Southern Italy growing up with the iconography of the Communist Party. It wasn’t until much later that I learned the history of this interference. Clearly, the change must come from within the very belly of the Beast (US America).


Elite thinking has truly been exposed at the top of our government –

More and more they are actually visible to us –

Target them with your votes –


United Nations was originally supposed to have the power to settle these disputes
in the name of democracy, liberty and freedom –

However, United Nations was immediately moved into limbo/powerless state – and
it remains there still today.,

Remember, however, that the United Nations recognizes the VATICAN as a sovereign
state – a one mile square of land occupied only by males – and in fact a representing
not a population but CHURCH – !!

What farce we Americans live – it should be laughed out of power –

Meanwhile, the power of these HURRICANES will continue to become more and more
severe – and increase in numbers – this is Global Warming and no one will escape it.

Yes – I’m sure the Dr. Strangelove’s have added any number of underground shelters for
Elites/government officials – but the reality is the same in the end.


Thank you, and sorry for the confusion.

Because “reimagining” history is another word for lying about it. Adding more shellac to the inches-thick layers of delusion we already carry regarding USA’s record. When his lies about USA oppression are challenged, Miranda’s supporters invoke his Puerto Rican background, as if that’s an excuse (this happened on Sonali Kolhathar’s Rising Up show this very morning). Actually, it’s called betrayal of his people, not an excuse.

I doubt Miranda’s reputation can recover from the mess he’s made of it. Look up Ishmael Reed (arguably Black America’s de facto poet laureate) on the subject of Hamilton.


Typical trumpian style Mafia ploy.
Everybody has a price, what’s yours? Someone should ask trump if he would like to sell his wife or children. Well, wait a minute, he might.

He was born to Satan…

I enjoyed reading your informative post…thanks. Shanti

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The history of the original slave trader, Columbus and two centuries of Spanish colonial rule probably had move influence on the culture. It is the history of slavery and colonialism from the 15th Century to the 18th century.

The Vatican has more than state sovereignty in my opinion. I think that would be a very involved discussion. With Hurricanes and such changes are required on several levels where dogma has become part of the problem.

Underground shelters are not sustainable.

Reed has a fresh article today at Counterpunch, outlining how, with the new Disney broadcast of Hamilton, Miranda is confronted with the post-George Floyd movement of icon-busters, and has actually acknowledged on Twitter very recently (although not to Reed, and not acknowledging Reed) that he made errors, and left important things out, and the criticisms of Hamilton “are valid.”




Yeah, I’ve heard that Mister Open Mind rap from the historical fantasist, and I don’t buy it.

When Miranda can articulate in detail what’s wrong with glossing over US American racism (not to mention sexism) the way he does, then I might listen. So far, all I’ve heard is “See, I’ve raised all these fascinating issues for discussion!” without naming or describing his own insulting errors.

Ishmael Reed has been viciously attacked by practically everyone for doing us the favor of pointing out the obvious: historical fantasy is a cynical disservice in the land of dreams.


I think its disgraceful to keep Puerto Ricans in limbo and that we should make it a state, perhaps with the US Virgin Islands. With the goal of making it impossible for idiots who somehow get power to do this kind of stuff. What do you think about full statehood?

Thats basically the thing we might be able to do, maybe we should do it?

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Canadians would be happy to finally have an 8th NHL team.

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Dr. Strangelove: Or How I learned to Love the Bomb – is a COMEDY –
and as they say, a lot of truth in Wine and Comedy.

[The Pope asserts rights to colonize, convert, and enslave …](~https://www.nlm.nih.gov/nativevoices/timeline/171.html

Pope Alexander VI issues a papal bull or decree, “ Inter Caetera ," in which he authorizes Spain and Portugal to colonize the Americas and its Native peoples as subjects. The decree asserts the rights of Spain and Portugal to colonize, convert, and enslave. It also justifies the enslavement of Africans.

And many more informative articles like it –

The Vatican ruled the world – and still may – C.I.A. = Catholics In Action

Thank you for the references, There is always much truth in comedy and wine.

Alexander VI was a pretty creepy guy if you ask me. Clearly, a different time but ideas that took root. It is really difficult getting out of a racket like that, even with the best motivation. (that is another story)

I couldn’t get the second link to work, I’m surprised there is so much information about these dirty little secrets. There are levels within levels… ugh.