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Adding to 'Unprecedented, Wasteful, and Obscene' Pentagon Budget, House Approves $1.48 Trillion in Military Spending

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/26/adding-unprecedented-wasteful-and-obscene-pentagon-budget-house-approves-148


$1,480,000,000,000 for:


“Under this deal, the Pentagon and its affiliated programs will get $1.48 trillion dollars over the next two years. The entire rest of gov’t, including the VA btw, will get $1.30 trillion. That’s $178.6 billion more for the Pentagon than the whole rest of gov’t," Miles wrote. “So, for the love of god, can we all stop pretending like this is somehow anything other than a continued orgy of unprecedented, wasteful, and obscene spending at the Pentagon.”

How anyone could have voted for this ^^^^^ is just beyond me. It’s pathological.
My Rep Madeline Dean just got a blistering but ultimately useless voicemail and email from me and spouse and I are headed to her local office today to get humored by one of her flunkies but again useless and a major downer.
Better news I cannot keep to myself - our spanking new grandson came out of the NICU early this am and is breathing perfectly and unaided now. It was scary rough go for a day or three but docs say he is going to be just fine!! Comes home in a few days. …


If I were a psychologist, I would say anyone who spends almost all of their earnings on guns, knives, and other weapons, to “defend” themselves, at the expense of medical care, food, and shelter, is so paranoid that they be given a mandatory 72 hour hold in hospital. But, in the case of the US, I would say it wants to conquer the world, not by soft power like China, but with death and destruction. I beg the rest of the world to immediately place stringent sanctions on the US, isolate it like the cancer it is. Don’t be afraid. All corporations with branches in the US should not be allowed to operate elsewhere. Starve the monster. Otherwise, those weapons of “defense” will be used to conquer you. Learn that the US was initially a tiny strip of land inhabited by a small group of Europeans, who only survived by the kindness of the Indigenous peoples. That unleashed the monster. It’s been growing ever since.


One word: obscene.


This the public budget. Obscene and wasteful describes both the budget and congress.

There are secret dollars by the billions we will never see in ‘a budget’. Obscene and wasteful is not adequate to describe plane loads of hundred dollars bills, shrink wrapped on shipping skids, going to …


And don’t forget, when one adds in the cost of the DHS and the rest of the intelligence and surveillance state and the VA, the cost of national defense easily eclipses 1.3 trillion per year.
That’s almost 70% of the discretionary budget of the federal government,
Every dime spent on bombs is a dime not spent on infrastructure. If there is no infrastructure to defend, what purpose does a military have?


They live in fear .


The deal, McConnell said, "achieves the No. 1 goal of the Republican side of the aisle, providing for the common defense."

No, you evil ghoul, this is theft from the common good.

From Red Cloud:

We do not want riches but we do want to train our children right. Riches would do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world. We do not want riches. We want peace and love.


“Providing for the common defense” does not require a military budget equal to one-third of the total global spending on defense.

It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when one’s head is so firmly up one’s…


America has not been conquering the world but looting it.
When you conquer a nation you become responsible for its citizenry, which is why America always installs a puppet to facilitate the pillaging after an invasion instead of officially taking over.
Judging by their current budget allocation, they appear to be intent on unleashing armageddon with the likely aim of looting the ruins.


Amerika’s subsidized jobs program – the “defense” department.

Nothing creates jobs like burning people alive or blasting them to shards of bone — unless it’s building another useless F-35 or nuclear missile-armed submarine.


Love and light for your grandson. Your efforts are not wasted even if they appear so. We can all inundate the collective subconscious with thoughts and aspirations that are the opposite of the militarists and imagine a world free from such.

It’s ok to build castles in the air. Now put foundation under them.

Henry Thoreau


Yes, although the only thing the US military can actually conquer and then really hold is the US itself. The US military is our largest existential threat. No one is more dangerous to the US than the US military. Stop trusting the military. Stop saying “Thank you for your service.” (BTW: I hate hearing that and I think most of the vets I know and have heard about really can’t stand that mindless suck up phrase.") Get rid of three quarters of our military and we will still have a very substantial force and probably one without a lot of very expensive and mostly useless weapons (such as the F-35 and other ineffective and non-robust boondoggles).
We, the US, have one major enemy in the world and it is the military. All the things we could do with so much money are all the things we are not providing for. All being sucked into the sewer by military spending.


“Obscene” doesn’t even come close to describing this.

With “democrats” like these, who needs enemas - or Republicans

Points 1,2,3 from Definitions by Game Meat @ JPR

1. Reaching across the aisle= voting with republicans.
2. Bipartisanship= voting with republicans
3. Getting things done= voting with republicans
4. Access to healthcare= does not support any form of universal healthcare.
5. Standing with our allies= sending billions of dollars to Israel
6. Small businesses are the backbone of our country= tax cuts for large multinational corporations
7. Pro business= tax cuts for large multinational corporations Americans
8. wont do those jobs= donors dont want to pay competitive wages, so we will exploit desperate immigrants instead
9. Moderate= right wing
10. Realistic= will not support anything that benefits regular people
11. Pragmatic= will not support anything that benefits regular people
12. Socially liberal/fiscally moderate= not racist, just hates poor people.
13. Far-left= anyone promoting policies that benefits regular people
14. Russians meddled in our election= we accept no responsibility for our failures
15. Centrist = Extreme Right Wingnut (my add)


…of losing their flow of bribes.


and THIS. THIS. ladies and gentlemen is what is WRONG with the dems.


i’d give you 1000 likes if i could…i’m also stealing your list.


Not my List.
The list Definitions by Game Meat @ JPR is one I lifted from a post at Jack Pine Radicals a strong progressive Bernie supporting site. I suspect that Game Meat won’t mind.