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Addressing Those Who Have Been Fooled All of the Time

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/03/addressing-those-who-have-been-fooled-all-time


Mr. Zogby,
As the last part of your essay, it is not that Democrats are missing the point, it’s that they are paid to miss the point. We all get it and it is infuriating.
The reality is that Bernie is the only candidate who understands this angry and who has put forward an aggressive “working class” plan to deal with this crisis of institutional confidence. I truly worry what will happen if he is not elected president. Trump may be delusional but the democrats are clueless and feckless. These are dangerous times and both parties are fueling an angry that could explode.


It is the greatest of challenges “to address head on the anger, disappointment, alienation, and loss of control of those who feel left out of the national discussion.” It is not just Trump supporters who fill this category.
Sadly, being alienated can be an accurate, socially responsible attitude to a delusional political culture. The reflex is often to pick amongst the ‘best of the worst’, saying, “It’s not perfect(?), but it’s the best option available.” This only reproduces the problems that persist decade after decade.
I recommend putting that alienated energy into researching and resolving the actual political remedies. This may involve not voting for candidates available for you. Maybe you will become a candidate.
Social discourse which normalizes the accurate critique of traditional politics is a necessary part of unseating the ignorance and imbalanced, undemocratic power. Many dismiss this as valuable. From where i view the political world, this key ingredient is either absent or undermined by its attachments to historically documented political failures. Political vision must be formulated and become a shared social objective before voting can make it happen.
Start with - what would a real democracy look like? How would it operate? How would we protect a real democracy from corporate/elite control? How must the structures and procedures of government change to stop insiders from controlling politics? How would we resolve the scourge of unemployment and working poverty and near poverty? etc., etc., etc.,
When we start to answer these questions, we know that the mainstream cannot meet the challenge and a new way must be forged. Trump supporters and all others angered and alienated - please find a way forward that ends the rule and domination of the few over the many.


It is simpler than that…Trump voters are either dyed in the wool GOP faithful or were looking for a cult leader when they started voting GOP. Raygun, Dubya and Trump are all cult leaders…Trump is just more extreme than the other two. Cult members don’t analyze, they simply follow…forever.

When I worked in Germany 30 years after Hitler died there was still a sizable minority (like Trump’s base is) whose only beef with Hitler was that he lost WWII. Had Hitler been on the 1976 ballot they would have happily voted for him. Thirty years after Trump dies his cult will still be intact.


What good has “the truth” ever done any of them? Creative Class™ versions of the truth dissappeared our working class from Reagan’s Miracle, onwards. They’d no idea why rich kids were protesting NAFTA, what “Occupy” was, or our disgust at “kleptocratic duopoly” or “neoliberal concensus,” since their Nazi and neoConfederate websites, truck radio and preachers had the same old answers for ofay New World Order, National Alliance, Posse Commitatus and Dominionist tastes. All of us were SEO’d diametrically opposed perspectives of reality, and their’s had very little to do with anything you’re being told by the six remaining media sources? After Joe Bageant died, the 60 million peckerwoods TV shows in Fiat/ RAM commercials went back to being extras in Justified, until they took over the planet’s future? Fentanyl ain’t gonna fix that, any time soon?


It is important to remember that Trump and his democratic party opponent received a grand total of 44% of the votes of voting age citizens. A few percent voted for smaller parties and half were so disgusted they boycotted the capitalist management tool known as representative democracy.

About half of the people are not fooled in the least.


one idea is presented in nebulous waiting at constituentAssembly.org

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Racial Bigotry has a lot to do with his Popularity.

It is quite simple: Trump Hates the same type of People that his Base Hates.

They have finally found a George Wallace type of Candidate that espouses the Hateful Bigotry that is music to their ears.

Bernie understands that a Dem cannot get elected by simply bad mouthing Trump.

Hillary tried that route; Trump Bad, Trump Very Bad, Trump Really Bad and his followers are Deplorable, this was her predominant message and it did not work.

Bernie understands why so many people are hurting and offers Solutions.



Zogby sez:
“(Chump) promised to protect their jobs, to provide them with better health care, to bring prosperity back to their communities, to reopen their closed mines or bring back their factories. None of this has occurred and yet they remain supporters.”

Those are all secondary concerns to the faithful, who weren’t getting any of that stuff from corporate dems, either.
On the other hand, does he make libtard heads explode? Booyah! Winning!


As mentioned, here, previously, in my talks with the diehard Trump supporters, a common them has been they wanted someone in Washington who would “shake things up”. They’ve gotten that with Trump and the more the Democrats and a few conservative Republicans criticize Trump for all his abusive behavior and policies, the more these supporters interpret it as Trump doing his job. Many of them have said they like Trump’s tough guy, in your face, approach and the hell with propriety and established norms.

When I’ve explained how Trump is actually hurting them with his behavior, lies and policies, they get evasive and quickly proclaim they don’t follow politics all that much. Some of them got a slightly larger paycheck after Trump and the Republicans pushed their tax giveaway to the rich, but the only thing these voters remember or care about is that Trump got them a few more dollars on their paycheck. Obama never did, so Trump is their guy. He’s doing a good job.

The Democrats have no chance, zip, nada, of turning these voters if they run a campaign that has nothing more to offer than they are not Trump. Bashing Trump just reinforces the belief that Trump is “shaking things up.” The details really don’t matter. All that matters is that Trump is sticking it to those crappy Washington politicos.

I’m sure some Democrats know this, just as I’m sure a good many establishment Democrats could care less about these voters. What so many of them don’t understand or continually ignore is how their contribution to corrupt party politics helped to create these voters. The bottom line is that the Democrats desperately need a big voter turnout in 2020 and need the kind of candidate and campaign that will get it. If they get a low or mediocre turnout, Trump’s loyal base, plus all the Republicans who are riding his coattails to ram through their regressive policies, will be enough to win, again. A business as usual candidate like Biden may be a comfort to established Democrats, but it just convinces Trump voters all the more that Trump is their guy. A candidate like Sanders who is willing to challenge the Democratic orthodoxy and who is actually willing to visit with them is far more likely to get their attention.


Zogby may be this patient with this mangy and ignorant 25% of the American public supporting, or tolerating for money, this lunatic in the White House.
However, it’s down " to roll the dice " time for another 30-35% of the population who support what is called " a progressive agenda ". So, the 40% of a " wishy-washy middle-muddle " can pick a side or get the fxck out of the way.
We don’t " have time for that now "; as in soft power hand holding and cuddling the weakest of wimpy citizens.


Exactly right! If fahklempt coastal Liberals decried Bayer’s RoundUp™ they’d saturate their kid’s breakfast cereals, their Slurpees, Coors Lite, even Twinkees with Glyphosate just to “piss 'em off!” Just look at how bovine somatotropin, HFCS, pthalate, PFOA, Stacked-traits Soya, fracking brine & Opioids have culled thei… made 'em STRONGER! Ah, er… boo-RAH!

These voters have been voting against their own interest for at least 4 decades beginning with Reagan and have not been able to connect the dots of how republicans and corporate democrats have destroyed their livelihood, dignity and their pocketbook.

Bernie and Elizabeth Warren have been campaigning to the needs of the American people/taxpayers and have spelled out the corporate powerhouses and greed of these sycophants. Bernie has been consistent for the last 40 or 50 years.

I guess I trust Elizabeth and do trust Bernie but the others are just in campaign mode and not sure I can believe their promises. Certainly not Joe Biden who is a neoliberal thru and thru which means more of the same.


the one topic studiously avoided by opinion shapers of all stripes.

this is why I support a voters strike; to make it impossible to miss that many, if not most, Americans, know this system for what it is–a bloody joke.

This system is illegitimate. it is tyranny without the consent of the governed, and the only way to expose that salient fact is to withhold consent to rule.


Trump’s personality, campaign, and administration have certainly been unlike those of the preceding Republican nominees - Dubya, McCain, and Romney - but in the elections from 2004 to 2016 all four of them got roughly the same number of votes - 60 to 63 million. Trump’s 2016 total was at the high end of the range, and that may be due to his drain-the-swamp talk or to widespread dislike of Hillary, but the numbers mean that at least 95% of Trump’s 63 million votes came from Republican Party loyalists. Some of them, like gun-rights voters and pro-lifers, may be single-issue voters who will stick with the Republican Party regardless of other issues, but the numbers show that the Republican Party - the Party - has a solid 60 to 63 million vote base that doesn’t go up or down by much. Portraying these Republican loyalists as Trump’s base - Trump’s rather than the Party’s - is a mistake.

In contrast, vote totals for Democratic Party nominees vary by a much larger degree. In the same time period, their vote totals ranged from 60 million to Obama’s 69 million. Turnout is the key to D’s success, and as Obama proved when he perfidiously ran on ‘hope and change’ with plenty of ‘accountability’ thrown into the mix, a campaign based on progressive ideas will bring out enough voters for Democrats to win. Some Republican loyalists may switch, but most of the disaffected voters that Zogby wants to reach are in the group of eligible voters who stayed home in 2016. They are not the people who are the Republican base.

Bernie is obviously the candidate who can attract these people.


Regarding Zogby’s view that economic insecurity/downward mobility and anger that ‘Washington doesn’t care about us’ drives Trump support:

Note there is a running argument between right liberal establishment Democrats/journalists who argue racism explains Trump support and progressive Democrats/journalists who argue economic problems and Democratic Party failure to represent suffering working people in Washington explains it.

The right liberal argument goes, ‘polls show a correlation between voting for Trump and racism - the more people vote for Trump, the more racist they are.’ This correlation supposedly proves people voted for Trump because they’re racist.

The basic progressive liberal response is, 'the US right wing/Republicans have long been more racist; but racism alone can’t explain Trump, because a) we’re talking about Obama-to-Trump voters and b) voters responded to anti-Washington establishment rhetoric independent of racism.

The ‘racism’ argument is widespread, so I’ll just give two links that makes a case for the ‘economic’ and ‘establishment (Repub’s and Dem’s) ignore people’ argument:



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Actually, despite the numbers falling in a semi-tight range, the white voter demographics have changed over 3 decades, especially in terms of “whites with a college degree.” The demographic numbers will even shift between 2016 and 2020. That said, you’re right, turn out matters and Byedone will inspire no one:

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Seems like the only answer to this is Bernie Sanders. He tells it like it is and has real solutions to help the people who the mainstream political establishment has ignored and damaged. No one can say that the mainstream is behind Bernie. Having said that I have to ask what kind of people give a pass to Trump on almost anything but would hold the feet to the fire of other politicians who did the same thing. They constantly are obsessed by Obama’s birth certificate and immigrants but say nothing of Trump’s wife and her parents. They would obsess about the sexual behavior of a democrat but give a pass to Trump. Are these people the “people of the lie” that Scott Peck mentions in his book?


I don’t know if anyone will ever have a definitive answer, but just look back at two very different cultures during WWII, Japan & Germany, and in both countries the majority of the population supported the governments until the end. People smarter than me can speculate, but that’s all. Go figure.

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General Mattis said that Trump is "Cognitively limited. Rex Tillerson said Trump was “Dumb as a box of Rocks”. We all know that intelligence is a range, and those who have worked for him place him pretty low on that scale. The continuing behavior and results of it, are so dumb founding, that people are taken aback. Most people did not vote for Trump specifically, they voted to take Washington DC, down. When Trump won the election, those voting for him split into a couple of groups. One group decided that they stood to win their hearts desire of stuffing the Courts. They make excuses for Trump’s inexcusable words and actions. Another group related directly to Trump’s bragging and strutting and hatred. That one third of voters who remain loyal to Trump, believe what ever he says, delight in the bigotry and hatred, and will continue to believe in him. Trump is a Rabble Rouser, they are the Rabble.

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