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Adelante! El Dia Sin Latinos en Wisconsin


Adelante! El Dia Sin Latinos en Wisconsin

Mary Bottari

Latino families, friends, supporters and business owners took to the streets surrounding Madison’s Capitol on Thursday to protest a pair of anti-immigration bills being fast-tracked in the GOP-controlled legislature.

The crowd was so large, organizer Christine Neumann-Ortiz could barely contain her excitement, declaring from the stage "This is a great day!"

Protesters came in from all over the state: Marshall, Waukesha, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Green Bay, and Milwaukee to declare that Wisconsin is NOT Arizona.


The "conservatives", despite their claims, desperately want the undocumented immigrants. They want the "illegals" en masse and desperate and scared--all the easier to exploit. The more fuss the right makes about these PEOPLE, the less cash they have to pony up to get them.


Agri-business depends on low wage workers and has done throughout US history. (Think slaves and indentured servants.) The service and construction industries are now also dependent on immigrant workers. Disappearing undocumented workers would have a huge impact on business as usual. So the owning class likes it this way, reaping huge profits off the backs of the poor.

The industrial-private-prison complex sees the undocumented as cash cows. Detain (incarcerate), deport, etc with a profit to be made on each body. Once again, the owning class likes it this way.

The last thing the Koch's and ALEC want is a sensible immigration policy. Passing free trade deals and other neoliberal economic and military policies that destroy Mexican and other developing economies drive immigrants out of their homes, off their ancestral lands, across the US border, and into the shadows where abuse and crimes against them can easily be hidden. SOP.

Laws are passed that criminalize their existence or make it damn hard to survive, like legally driving to their low-paying job as a farmworker where they are underpaid, overworked, exposed to pesticides and the weather all day long, to put food on our tables.

US policies force them here, force them into shadows and strip them of human rights. The owning class keeps on criminalizing more and more behavior, and the private jails (detention centers) being built at breakneck speed (ironically with the labor of undocumented or low wage immigrant labor) remain full.

It should be noted that immigrants in every category and demographic commit less crime than native born Americans: we cannot count on them to murder, rape, and steal their way into our jails. Criminalizing minor infractions of the law (crossing the border, driving without a license) is the best way to ensure the profits of the private incarceration industry and agribusiness going forward.

We really need a Justice system. Poder para el pueblo!


Looking at just about any odious bill or initiative of our times, we'll find that the KOCH Brothers or ALEC is behind it.

It just stuns the imagination to wrap the mind around the fact that brothers born to such unbelievable bounty would use their fortune to deprive others of things as basic as the right to vote, a living wage, and every dignity of life.

Disgusting human beings like them make it patently clear that NO society can afford billionaires. Instead of emphasis on the moral need for a minimum wage, equal and opposite force should be directed at establishing a MAXIMUM wage and with it, a maximum amount that any family or individual can own.

Once said entity reaches a certain threshold, whatever they own must be recycled back into the community.

I penned this concept in a novel submitted into a contest sponsored by Ted Turner back in l990. My premise: That during the Transition associated with the year of balanced vision--2020--all major title HOLDERS were compelled to become title GIVERS.

We're almost at 2020...and based on articles like this one--proving what despicable enterprises Big Money will successfully fund--and the evidence of the Piketty Study, too much wealth has already aggregated into too few hands.

Time for those title holders to INDEED become title givers.

Imagine all the good it will do to the Koch Brothers' souls when all those gigantic homes they own are turned over to communities and altered to house numerous families. Each.