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Adjusting Its Criminal Complaint, Watchdog Groups Says Guiliani's Statements Only Further Incriminate Trump


Adjusting Its Criminal Complaint, Watchdog Groups Says Guiliani's Statements Only Further Incriminate Trump

Julia Conley, staff writer

Thanks to statements made by the newest member of President Donald Trump's legal team, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, this week—including a new clarification issued Friday a government watchdog says the evidence is now stronger that Trump violated campaign finance and ethics laws.


Trump and his crooked cohorts will blow this off as insignificant and petty. Likely a deal was made to release this info to stave off more serious allegations going forward. Giuliani can’t be trusted, like Trump another NY mafia type enemy of the American people. Trump is controlled by warmongers, that’s all that matters.


Trump’s bad PR and criminal activity plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee. Both characteristics endear Trump to his base. Congressional Republicans will not attempt to prosecute or impeach Trump as long as he continues to provide a second to none smokescreen enabling the GOP to unload the US Treasury into the hands of the 1%.



Yes, steal from the poor to give to the rich. I can’t believe the current polls where Trump’s approval and disapproval are both at 49 percent. A nation evenly divided? I don’t know how that can be happening when this is one of the most corrupt White Houses in our entire history. Then everyone I know thinks Trump is a corrupt idiot.


Stop believing in polls will ya. It’s been years since there was any truth to the results they spin.


Then what do you believe in? I do pay attention to polls, but my preference is the Real Clear Politics polls summary page that shows the various polls lined up with each other.

Poll: 82 percent of Trump voters say they’d do it again | TheHill
Nov 9, 2017 … A large majority of President Trump’s voters say they would do it all over again, according to a new survey. A Politico-Morning Consult poll finds 82 percent of respondents who voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential race say they would support him again. Just 7 percent of Trump voters say they would pick . THIS IS THE HORROR OF OUR CURRENT NATIONAL POLITICS. Despite all of the sexist, racist, stupid things Trump has said and done and no matter how corrupt to the rotten core the Trump cabinet is, and how much bribe money they have taken, Trump voters would do it all over again if given a chance. This is really, really, really appalling. This is how dysfunctional this country’s voting is in 2018.

How dysfunctional? The voter turn out in 2016 was the lowest in 70 years. Apathy toward voting won. Both parties failed miserably in running two candidates that just could get higher numbers in voter turn out.