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Administration Blots Out Damning Data on Puerto Rico's Lack of Power, Water From Federal Response Website


Administration Blots Out Damning Data on Puerto Rico's Lack of Power, Water From Federal Response Website

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Statistics conflicting with Trump administration's positive portrayal of response wiped out

FEMA's webpage providing statistics on the federal response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico no longer shows the percentage of those without clean drinking water or power. (Image: FEMA.gov with overlay)


The trump regimes “Weekly Reader” - a pathetic criminal dereliction of duty to truthfully and fully inform the public. That’s what dictatorships do, manipulate and lie to hide the truth.

“Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up” - Evey Hammond, V


The term “memory hole” was added to our lexicon by George Orwell, to help us understand how “those who control the past…control the future.” Contrast this with Utah Phillipps’s dictum: “The long historical memory is the most radical idea.”

Thankfully, the persistence of digital footprints has made old-school book-burning all but obsolete. I suspect that Trump’s mental picture of the internet is a “series of tubes.”


No matter how many rugs/carpets are piled on, the elephant in the room remains unavoidably visible.


Every day I am thankful for Oxfam. Every day I fear the reporting of the diseases that are sure to come. Between Oxfam and a free press there is reason for hope but still fear of the out-comes that will soon follow.


The outcry over this caused them to restore the data about an hour ago. Morale is low - but there are still some career staff at Federal agencies who take their jobs seriously.


I am deeply grateful to them for practicing integrity, duty and honor while facing the cruelest tyranny of a diabolical despot and his flying monkeys. Their courage is awesome!


speaking of “tubes”, I’ve owned an F412 and an F512S, you have nice taste in which tubes to run hot


I love the vision of those flying monkeys, thanks


Why has all the reporting on the Keys,Florida and Houston stopped—I heard thousands were being evicted from their homes in Houston----not much else???


Actually, the digital age has made memory-holing much easier and the public amnesia much greater. In the old days, people read books and newspapers. Now they rely on web pages that can with a few keystrokes, evaporate into thin air.


I found this about Houston, if you don’t own a home there are hard times ahead. Even if you do there are real troubles.


Trump cannot relate to Brown Mexicans and Puerto Ricans because they are not White. He is a White Supremacist racist. Trump no se relacionan con Brown mexicanos y Puerto Ricans porque no son blancos. Él es un Supremacist blanco racista.