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Administration's New Cyber Threat Center Replaces Old Cyber Threat Center



Meanwhile, there have been major breaches at Target, Home Depot, and now the big health care company plus the issue with Sony. Add these threats to citizens' private account data to the number of spontaneous shoot-outs that are breaking out more and more often, and the whole concept of Security--Cyber or otherwise might be exposed for the fiction (a dog chasing its own tail) that it is... kinda' like making a war ON terror to ensure its continued expansion.


And aren't we all just thrilled, thrilled I tell you, that the latest buffoon in the WH is so concerned about our security that he would go to all the trouble and expense to create another new agency that's the same as the old agency? Uh bush-dark, I would much rather you had authorized this money to go for food stamps or Social Security so that our children, elderly and disabled could have food and a decent life!