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Admitting Failed Experiment, DOJ to Phase Out Private Prisons


Admitting Failed Experiment, DOJ to Phase Out Private Prisons

Nika Knight, staff writer

After years of documented human rights abuses by the private prison industry, the U.S.


It's a good first step.
Now we need to have each state close its private prisons.

This "experiment" has been going on for "two decades."
Wasn't Bill Clinton the president at that time?
Just another example of just how lousy the Bill Clinton presidency actually was.


I'll believe it when it actually happens. The DOJ needs to have the solicitor general argue the constitutional case against private imprisonment in SCOTUS before I take them to seriously. It's election season, everyone's scrambling trying to find something that will boost, if not Clinton, the Democratic party. That means it's lying season.
So hopefully this is true. But these monstrosities need to be crap-canned altogether.


Hillary is a neoliberal (Capitalist oinker) and as such believes in the "free market" which doesn't exist and never has.
Hillary is as big a con-man as Trump is only in her case she's a con-woman.


Again, why is it taking the DOJ so damn long? As far as the states are concern to ending these Gulag state prisons. Easy, withhold federal money and watch their ears perk up and listen. You gotta play hardball with this Gulag prison industry, and the states they are operating in. Expose them for what they are, pure evil.


But I always LIKED the name "Corruptions Corporation of America", because it so honestly expressed what some people will do to others in the name of corporate profit. Oh WAIT! You say I got the name wrong? So glad you told me! I stand corrected.


Don't hold your breath. They said something similar about Guantanamo. Only this time the heavy hitters have money on the table they will fight to protect.


Republicans control congress and are Capitalists who believe that only for-profit corporations know how to run the country.
Which makes them Fascists.
Fascists will never cut the funding of Capitalists.


The "heavy hitters" would be the oligarchy who are all Capitalists.

So you are correct.


Hope this actually happens.
It's hard to conceive (let alone apply) the concept of privatized prisons. $o profoundly cynical.
Where was "organized" religion before this was put into place?
The industry will likely prevail upon state-owned prisons to claim that they're overcrowded, in order to fight the closures.


The beginning of unreinventing government?


Does the left hand in this chaotic, warmongering Obama administration know, what the right hand is doing?
Here they are admitting that the private incarceration system is a failure and then they hand over a billion bucks to that same industry without even having the contract tendered:

Is there anybody on this forum, who does not believe, that this was done quickly before the DOJ decision was announced against a handsome kick-back?


Neither are animals.


Not to mention how much lousier having another Clinton in power would be (remember what the banshee said about 'super predators' that need to be brought 'to heel')!


First off, yay. Phase them out tonight. I've seen PETA footage of chicken farms where the minimum wage workers kick the chickens. Private prisons are apparently a bit like that.

Second, every other country on earth doesn't run a prison to prison pipeline. Less recidivism, not more, is the concept.


Let's now put the slavers in prison. Let's not let them walk away with billions of taxpayer money. You call that a victory? The U.S. is still Oligarchy and now they've the money to move on to the next crime. I won't call this victory until the real criminals are behind bars. Who went to prison for their crime against humanity? No one! Why? Money controls our laws. Oligarchy! The indigent suffered in prison and slavery while the 1% now smirk.


I hope the investors in these crappy businesses loose their shirts!


The Libertarian Party (or Tea Party or corporate DEMS or REPUBS) - Attention!

Corporate-owned everything DOESN'T WORK for most things! This point is now loud and cear! It is finally getting a fair airing in our public discourse over this corporate prisons bs. Profit is all right, if its or non-essential goods and services - not our Commons, unless fully aired ad addressed in a public discourse concerning the following - Prisons. Air. Water. Power. Military. Police. Healthcare. Money. Communications. Food. ANYTHING CONCERNING OUR CONSTITUTION & BILL of RIGHTS.


My research says private prisons emerged in the 80s Raygun/ Bush era with the war on drugs leading to prison overcrowding, and rising costs. CCA in 1984 in Hamilton County, Tennessee was where CCA got their foot in the door. It was done during the Raygun regime. Ronnie Raygun's whole story is about stabbing people in the back ( SAG), Tear gassing students to damn near death (U.C. Berkeley), invading tiny island nations (Grenada), in other words Raygun, and his wife Nancy were just fine with horrible prison conditions as long as he and she got their piece of the action (money). I totally believe that. Crack was created during Raygun's run, Gary Webb's (Dark Alliance, series). More prisoners, more monay.


When I see an end date, I will believe them.