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Adults Are the Problem


Adults Are the Problem

Marian Wright Edelman

It is time for adults of every race and income group to break our silence about the pervasive breakdown of moral, family, and community values, to place our children first in our lives, and to struggle to model the behavior we want our children to learn.


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Wow, I couldn't have said it better. Especially the part about how much we spend on the military, farmer AND fossil fuel subsidies.... etc... It is so bazaar... how we do not SEE THIS....


I understand Hillary is again in good graces with her long time "mentor" Mrs. Edelman, an alienation of sorts occurred after hubby Bill signed the notorious Gingrich welfare "reform" package that led to Marian's husband, Peter Edelman, quiting his high-level job at the Department of Health and Human Services in protest.

Full circle now, "I feel your pain" is back, and so it goes.


And if we support schools to begin with, that is a problem. Schools are rooted in domination and exist to cripple our children and squash their wills and spirits, all in the service of the One Percent, who need a passive, obedient - and traumatized - population. School is the poison parents send their kids to for their entire childhood. School isn't just poison, it's culturally-acceptable child abuse.

Sugar is also poison.
Wireless radiation is poison.
Money is poison.
Government is poison.
Our consumerist way of life is poison.

Adults have a lot to answer for.

For a better way to raise children, see The Kaitiaki Collective in Auckland, New Zealand.


Maybe the current definition of school and the way it plays out in our society. Learning should be a joyful experience and teachers should be excited and enthusiastic about helping our young explore their universe. School can be a great place. I agree, though, that right now it's become toxic to our children. In general. With exceptions.


We need to revisit our definitions of ethics, methinks. It's not just what the other guy is supposed to practice, while we indulge our every impulse and whim...


One of the problems we create is that we want the kids to respect authority but we don't really ask authority to respect the kids as Officer Slam clearly showed.

Moreover we prove to the kids daily that this double standard about authority is typical. They learn about Enrons and bank bailouts, about two trillion in tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy while their classrooms have the bare minimum of supplies and classes in electives like Art and Music are no longer offered because of budget cuts. No counseling or therapy either.

The game is horribly rigged and yet we expect the kids to obey its authority without question.

Tell a teenager about justice after murdering a wedding party by drone or holding people without trial or even charges for years at Guantanamo. Talk about freedom of speech but remind them about media consolidation and that corporations and the government use data mining and can search their emails and texting at will.

Tell the kids to be perfect or else! That's what adults always do and say.

How's that working out for everybody btw?

It you don't make authority respect the humanity of a person ...then don't expect that person to respect that authority.


Well, she's right, of course. But, in today's America being right and having $3 gets you a 4 hr. transit pass. However, having $30 million dollars in Washington, D.C. buys you almost anything you like, including bus loads of goons to enforce the latest decree handed down, from on high. And, it's pretty well known that the old 1 room schoolhouse form of education, is still the best. Having older children teaching the little ones, under supervision, makes both groups smarter. But then, Muffin, Biff, Chastity, Hiram Milquetoast and the White Clone Club, couldn't dodge their community responsibility, either. And, that just wouldn't be fly down at The Cashland Country Club. :sunglasses:


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Kindness is the best lesson one can teach their kids.


All schools are authoritarian. The law forces children to go. Then they're forced to follow the timetable, forced to take tests, forced to do work, forced to constantly ask for permission, forced to do what the teacher says, forced to wear uniforms (in many schools), forced to do homework, forced to sit, forced to be quiet. The fact that most children and adults blindly accept it is why the heavy fist is often not needed. But resist any of it? That's a troublemaker and will be dealt with (beatings, detention, expulsion, drugs like Ritalin, etc.) Schools were created for a reason, and the health, happiness and well-being of our children was never part of that.


If we are to command respect from our children, we need to change our political system to reflect commendable values.

For example, see Article: Sheldon Wolin and Inverted Totalitarianism | OpEdNews and comments on why our kids disrespect us.


If we are go command respect from our children, we need to change our political system to reflect commendable values.