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Advisor to Top EU Court Slams NSA's 'Mass, Indiscriminate Surveillance'


Advisor to Top EU Court Slams NSA's 'Mass, Indiscriminate Surveillance'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A data sharing agreement between the EU and U.S.—where the NSA engages in "mass, indiscriminate surveillance"—violates the fundamental rights of EU citizens and is invalid, an advisor to the EU's top court said Wednesday.


I'm here in the U.S. of A. and I read and look into the digital rights of countries in the E.U. and am jealous. I once was a published poet, something inside of me shut down after the exposure of the NSA. I am self-censoring. I live in fear of being disappeared. This site allows me to release myself a bit and post comments, that I am sure are read by trolls. I knew it was pretty much over when Dubya said, it's just a piece of paper. I hope the Court listens to this advisor.


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Please reconsider the self-censorship . It is always more severe than that exercised by actual government-appointed censors (as countless writers , refuseniks and artists discovered under Soviet rule) . Don't give the totalitarians in our midst an undeserved , pre-emptive victory ! One of the things they want the most is our silence.


Thank you for your words...for 40 years I got great reviews of my art, poetry and music and that's all I got...it became a burden...I gave it all away...look in your message folder, I'll post a link where you may view some of my work...


there used to be a file system to send someone a message other than a post but I can't find it, I'll keep digging...click twice on my Big "O" and see what happens, there may be a link to my web-site, don't know, it won't let me send any messages for whatever reason