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'Advocacy at Its Finest': National Teacher of the Year Hands Trump Notes From Her Immigrant and Refugee Students


'Advocacy at Its Finest': National Teacher of the Year Hands Trump Notes From Her Immigrant and Refugee Students

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The newest National Teacher of the Year—who instructs teenage immigrants and refugees—used the award ceremony at the White House on Wednesday to demonstrate her support for the rights of women, LGBTQ people, and her students by sporting pins for various causes and giving President Donald Trump notes from her students.


Is the sister of mercenary and daughter of pyramid schemer good ole’ whatshername at the Dept. of Ed listening.

Could someone please turn her amplification apparatus up a bit? Oh yes, and could the Secy of Ed please be sure to congratulate Mandy Manning? And could the Secy PLEASE speak publicly about how much she REALLY supports teachers like this Teacher of Year and the PUBLIC SCHOOLS in which she serves with tens of thousands of underpaid and overworked teachers because of the budget fiascoes…


From the article:

“When we move out of our comfort zones, visit new places, listen to others’ thoughts, and share our own opinions, we become compassionate and open,” she added. “This is the first step in creating a more hopeful, safer, and kinder society where everyone can be productive, global citizens.”

This echoes a thought voiced at a panel discussion on “Actors and Acting” at this year’s Garden State Film Festival; the sterotype “Hollywood liberal” has a basis in reality, because the craft requires one to find something in a character—even the most villainous—to relate to and bring forward, lest the performance be a flat reading of lines.


Ten thousand hearts to this wonderful woman, this wonderful teacher, who believes in the things that once made this nation great, and which the creature in charge is trying to destroy (along with almost everything else).
*May she be safe in her travels around the world to promote actual education of the youth (and perhaps the adults) of the world.
*May her brief interaction today prove to have a positive effect on education in this nation. (Miracles do happen)


The orange prez is incapable of listening to wisdom, only right-wing and “business” blather from other lackluster sources.

Here is a piece that should make everyone take notice and act!

“Over 1,000 economists warn Trump his trade views echo mistakes of 1930s
President’s ‘economic protectionism’ harkens back to errors that fueled Great Depression, say experts including 14 Nobel winners”


What an awesome human being. I believe education makes you more compassionate and a better person overall. That’s why the Right is so critical of higher education institutions (e.g., David Horrowitz), since it tends to lead a person astray from rigid, cruel thinking. Many of the Right’s base turns away ultimately from education, which is reflected in the denial of climate change, evolution, and science in general. It’s a terrible fact of the Right.


They may or may not have been mistakes in the 1930s, but I think it’s safe to assume that Wall Street now uses them as field manuals. Is that the sound of an asset bubble being inflated?


With economics and many other issues the 1% has always applied 1930s European strategy, policy and action as their model to enhance their success in transferring wealth from the 99% to the 1% and creating a neofeudal paradise for themselves, a neofeudal hell for the 99%.

Henry Ford, Prescott Bush (Dubya’s grandpa) and other 1930s 1%ers wanted the US to go fascist and loathed FDR because he was turning around “the mistakes of the 1930s” that were their ticket to a fascist United States.
FDR’s New Deal delayed their fascist aspirations for more than a half century until Saint Ron and his successors drove and continue to drive a revival of “the mistakes of the 1930s”.


Ferris is Cool, Dad used to teach at Lewis and Clark

In fact Spokane is a hidden Gem worthy of this award. Great Teachers in a Great State


Many of us teachers and former teachers are unacknowledged but wholly supportive of Ms. Mandy Manning. We are the Robert Jordans (Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls) who parachuted in behind enemy lines and have been faithfully blowing up the enemy’s bridges despite the punishment wielded by the Masters of Immigration and the lethal wounds they have administered.


…caused entirely by Republican obstruction to a reasonable tax plan and a populace who is kept in a state of confusion by the leadership of their own government.


Nancy Reagan was our first female president and we have her to thank for the huge Reagan era push to the right.


To all the public school teachers past and present, my hat is off to you. In my heart I know we will weather the Wright/wrong way storms.
Teachers/Educators are the professionals that have the knowledge/wisdom and insight to continue improving this nationstate. Now they are reaching for the power, instead of just shouting into a Fascist headwind.:v:


Manning could have chosen to not show up at the White House as way of protest, like many do. However by going, wearing the pins and saying what the trump does not want to hear, she has spoken loudly. May her messages spread far and wide.