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Advocacy Groups and Activists Call on Congress to Support AOC's Amendment Banning Military From Targeting Kids Online

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/30/advocacy-groups-and-activists-call-congress-support-aocs-amendment-banning-military


I agree that wars are not a game…BUT THEY ARE DEFINATLEY A RACKET!

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Taxes are hard enough. One Senator described it in simple poetry, “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax the man behind the tree.”

War is when you tax the blood out of an 18 year old. Lately the war tax might be a permanent brain injury, a limb blown off or something known as Gulf War Syndrome. Finally, war does stuff to some people’s dreams. Maybe they see dead people in their dreams, sometimes enemy soldiers, sometimes the enemy’s little dead kids and sometimes their comrades. Some come back hooked on drugs or alcohol. Some come back unable to hold a relationship.

How do you tell a little kid that the nation is laying the groundwork to put a vast, enormous tax on dumb little kids, to be paid off later?

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From Desert Storm. U.S. Army 3rd ID, 4/7 Cottonbalers were first in at armor battle (largest US engagement) at Medina Ridge. Suffered brain cancers, kidney failure and now Parkinson’s disease.

I am willing to stop ALL military recruiting dollars, offices, visits to dorm rooms. Here is what you get in return.
A lottery draft and every male age 18.5 and thru 26 are eligible and will serve 18 to 26 months of active duty in one of our six military services:
army, navy, coast guard, marines, air fierce, merchant marine,

No exceptions except handicapped. The guys from gated communities, golf course homes, and wealthy families must report. If they leave the nation to avoid service, that is a one way trip. They ain’t coming back to regain their citizenship unless they serve four years as enlisted private, no promotions at all.

Call it nation building.


Yeah, so families are literally being starved out of their homes, and the kids then have no choice but to sign up, as there’s not much else in the way of employment for poor families. Perhaps this is cynical, but not sending relief to suffering families just has this kind of end result to look forward to. Turns my stomach.