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Advocacy Groups Slam 'Shameful' Deportation of ICE Medical Abuse Survivors

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/advocacy-groups-slam-shameful-deportation-ice-medical-abuse-survivors

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Are there not medical licensing boards with ethical and professional standards that could go after the Good Doctor? LE efforts don’t have to be the only route to stop this guy.


"as well as an alarming number of non-consensual hysterectomies performed by Amin, who she called “the uterus collector.”

Sounds like something out of auschwitz/treblinka.

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The accessories to these felonies, including the accessories after the fact who may have deliberately deported witnesses to their deaths with criminal intent, need to stand trial.

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I wish that the people who are representing these victims at least make video records of them for future use when they are lost somewhere across the land.

And this is only the debauchery that we know of.
Imagine what is going to happen in our concentration camps between now January 20.
Most Holocaust survivors tell stories of what happened in the last couple of months of the war. It seems that the Germans burned and buried everything they could in order to hide their deeds from the on marching Soviet and American armies.
There will be much smoke rising up from the Mexican/American border. The great American tribulation is just beginning. Wait until we find out what has been done in the last four years, and arguably, every year since 911.

Meet the new boss, etc, etc, etc.

Cecilia Muñoz, Who Defended Family Separations Under Obama, Joins Biden Transition Team:


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There are a lot of lawsuits and investigations to get going after Jan. 20th.
If Biden wimps out, or Pelosi wimps out on starting these reprisals there will be that much less support. And they will need all the support they can muster. Now that we know how sick the right-wing electorate is.

Deport ICE to the Sahara Desert or better, the moon.