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Advocates Applaud 'Historic' Moment as MORE Act Advances to First-Ever Marijuana Legalization Vote on House Floor

It really was an interesting article, and I appreciate the summaries of the legislative provisions of the House bill in it. Frankly, it seems stupid that it was illegal for so long, especially in hindsight. It was easier to get pot half the time in college than beer (or so I was told)!

i’ve been smoking medically for 20 years, depression and insomnia. i don’t do it recreationally, but i do get a little high. mentally and emotionally stimulated, more perceptive and appreciative, more creative.

it’s quite remarkable. it makes me think more about the sorry state of our world, our species, and the tragic loss of life that the explosive and ecologically destructive growth of civilization has wrought. makes me think more about how grossly unsustainable our culture is, how it’s bound to catastrophically collapse sooner rather than later, and how climate change threatens us with near term human extinction. and yet, i remain ‘high’, all that shit doesn’t get me down. on the contrary, it keeps my depression in check, and allows me to usually sleep very soundly.

from what i’ve read, cannabis has to be the most versatile medicinal plant there is. it can be used to treat dozens of ailments. dr. lester grinspoon wrote a great book or 2 on this. last i knew, he also had a very informative website.

the fact that it’s long been demonized and remains demonized, controversial, and criminalized in many places is representative of how crazy, ignorant, and fucked up we are.

In CA where weed is legal at the state level there are a lot of fees, quality control issues, taxes on growers for every ounce, taxes on consumers. It is a lot of revenue for the state. Can’t imagine adding federal taxes and regulations as well.